5 best YouTube SEO Tools for a quick video ranking and views

5 Best YouTube Seo Tools for A Quick Video Ranking and Views

Would you instead read a 1000 words article or watch a 10 minutes video to learn how to clear your windows laptop cache? Well, we all know the answer. Do we?

Consumers prefer videos over long wordy articles to learn new things.  While a small chunk of the population might prefer to read, the percentage has further dropped significantly. In the presence of powerful mediums like YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, etc., there is no wonder why people are more interested in creating video content than writing.

If you are one of those who have switched to video marketing recently, we assume you might be interested in growing your YouTube audience. Focusing on YouTube SEO tools is a great way to take your struggling career to new heights. Therefore, to help you out, we have penned down a small guide on the best YouTube SEO tools. With the help of them, you will definitely achieve a better ranking and quality subscribers on your channel.

Best YouTube SEO tools to boost your ranking and views

Most people take YouTube as a social media platform which is not wrong. But it is also kind of a search engine where people search their queries and get a list of relevant results.

Optimizing your YouTube channel is critical if you want to appear in your target audience’s search results. Below is a rundown of some helpful SEO tools to increase your channel’s visibility on YouTube. 

1. VidIQ Vision

VidIQ Vision

VidlQ Vision is a suite of powerful SEO tools that every content creator needs to thrive in the digital marketing world. Its extension is available through the Chrome Web store. The tool helps get insight into SEO scores, determining video performance, and the types of tags used inside a video (Basically, YouTube allows you to hide specific tags you would not want to show to help spy on those tags).  Through VidIQ you can track how fast a video is getting watched.

2. Tubebuddy


Tubebuddy is one of the most feature-stuffed apps for YouTube optimization. It uses a browser extension that effectively delivers different methods to drive the YouTube channel. Whether you need tools to gather data on insights and views or perform SEO, Tubebuddy is the best choice you can avail yourself of. Furthermore, you can get answers for easy content moderation and create end-screen templates, among other great things.

3. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer


Ahrefs Keywords Explorer has the largest database of YouTube search queries. If you like to know global or local search volume and specific keywords to target your audience, boost click percentage, and clickstream insight, head to Ahrefs Keyword Explorer. It helps you in finding out how many people search for a particular term on YouTube each month. There are also keyword idea reports to get the trending keywords or topics.

4. Rank Tracker

rank tracker

Rank tracker is another freemium tool that is specially designed to determine the difficulty level to score top position for a particular keyword. Furthermore, the tool is used to extract keywords and search volume from YouTube’s suggestions. Via it, you get a brief of how competitive your SEO keywords are. The platform also works well to find SEO-friendly and suitable keywords for your video to stand out. You also can use a specific location to search for your keywords for relevancy.

5. YTRank


YTrank is a simple free tool to track the ranking of videos or YouTube channels. Just select a particular location and add relevant keywords to the search bar. In just a matter of seconds, you will get your desired keywords.

Why is YouTube important for a successful social media marketing strategy?

Whether you want to be a content creator or promote a specific brand, YouTube is a game-changing solution for everything. With more than 2.6 billion active users, you can increase your brand awareness like no other channel.

YouTube is one powerful tool to let your content reach billions of audiences across the internet. In many ways, you can utilize the benefits of YouTube. However, that doesn’t mean you should abandon your website content and switch entirely to YouTube. You can take advantage of both and ripe beefy profits from both platforms if you think strategically.

Best Practices for a successful career on YouTube

While it may sound easy to become a YouTuber overnight, it does take a lot of brainstorming and a bit of technical knowledge on your end.

To become a successful YouTuber, you need to think out of the box and come up with engaging content for your target audience. Has it ever come to mind why we focus so much on content? Couldn’t we just perform SEO and get our video to the top? Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen like that. If people don’t find your content helpful, you won’t get views. When you have fewer views, your click-through rate declines and YouTube stops promoting your video.

Therefore, we have shared some useful hacks to bring your content to the top of the search results. Try them on your channel and you will see the difference in your content engagement statistics yourself.

Use keywords in your title in a natural way

Take it this way, suppose you open Google, search for a query, and come across a title that doesn’t communicate well about its topic. Would you click on it? You might proceed to other sources. The same goes for YouTube videos. When people find your video lineup with different channels, and if they do not understand what your video is all about, you are highly likely to lose views. So, to avoid this hurdle make sure to use natural flow without skipping on the keywords. Here is the linear representation of how an Exact match can help in ranking factors.

Use keywords in your title in a natural way
  • Make sure to optimize your YouTube video description

After watching videos, many people read descriptions because they want to know about your business or brand. This step is also crucial because adding relevant keywords in your description increases your chances of appearing in the search results.

  • Tag relevant popular keywords to your topic

Another way to boost your video’s presence on YouTube is by using the tag feature. You might not appear in a lot of search queries. If you don’t tag proper keywords relevant to your content in your video.

For instance, if someone searches for the best video app, he/she will only get the results of the videos with popular keywords tagged in them. If your video doesn’t have them, it won’t pop up in the search results.

  • Use SRT and Subtitles in your video, and don’t forget to add cards

SRT (SubRip Subtitle file) is the text format you can add to your video to help the audience easily understand what is being spoken in the video. This technique can help you build a diverse audience if you target different audiences who speak different languages. Also, adding cards can increase your viewership. Cards are the feature that proactively recommends your other videos to viewers. You can naturally add links of your previous videos if they are relevant to your current video. Also, you can add a link in between your video card and let your audience click on this card to watch the rest of the explanation of the respective points.  This way your old videos will get more views.

Why is it crucial to optimize your YouTube channel

Why is it crucial to optimize your YouTube channel?

Indeed, YouTube is a powerful channel to engage the audience with your content. And since it is the most used platform after Google, it is crucial to create your brand’s presence over there.

Having a YouTube channel and optimizing it helps users navigate your content even on regular search engines, as video optimization directly affects your SERP ranking. Hence, you appear more in the search results.

Focusing on creating quality content that drives audience attention while using relevant and high-volume keywords and implementing relevant keyword tags in your YouTube video description can increase your chances of standing out from the rest of the search results.


YouTube is the definitive platform for billions of users worldwide. To make the most of it, digital marketers need to focus more on SEO even before creating the content.

Before starting your YouTube channel, make sure you have thoroughly studied about likes and dislikes of your target audience. There are plenty of options you can avail from YouTube to grab the audience’s attention, for instance, you can use testimonials and statistics to give your customer because your brand is perfect for them. Furthermore, you can engage your audience with your brand by showcasing how-to’s and quick tips & trick videos.

In a line, creating a YouTube channel is not easy, but via our suggested SEO techniques and tips, you can secure a promising future for sure.

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