Why Micro-Influencers Are More Powerful for Brands

Influencer marketing is more hyped these days but it is nothing new because it dates back to the association of Coca Cola with Santa. This hype of Influencer marketing gave birth to newer categories of influencers, from people with only a few thousand followers to those with millions of social followers. For a long time, Consumers wanted social proof before making a purchase decision, however, that behavior has transformed the industry where consumers are more engaged with a real personality with fewer followers who can relate with the lives of normal people.

However, there is no doubt that the power of influencer is generating more revenue than ever. Have a look at these amazing articles to know why Micro-influencers can engage more customers & be a powerful face for your brand.  

The State of Influencer Marketing 2020: Benchmark Report

From the benchmark report of Influencer Marketing Hub, we received some exciting predictions about how Micro-Influencing is going to defeat Macro-Influencers in 2020. It says that the size of micro-influencing has grown by 300% since 2016. Click to download the entire report.

Infographic: Influencer Marketing 2020

With the evolvement of influencer Marketing, this recent infographic from dotcominfoway states that large brands are now moving from Micro to Macro due to rising costs and declining engagement rates of Macro Influencers. Moreover, 61% of consumers think that Micro-influencers product relatable content which tells a story.

Why Micro-Influencers May Be the Most Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy

From this study of Buffer, we can say that consumers perceive micro-influencers as ‘People Like me’ who can relate to the lives of normal people rather than being a celebrity with millions of followers. This not only engages more audiences but builds more credibility of the influencer hence a push towards a purchase decision.

Influencer Marketing: 2020 Trends & Stats

While in the past, most of the marketers considered influencer marketing a costly act and assumed Kylie Jenner charging $25000 for an Instagram post, Nowadays, It’s more about real-life faces who can create an impact in the minds of a targeted audience. 56% of women who follow influencers follow normal beauty, fashion and entertainment influencers 54% of men who follow influencers follow gaming influencers, tech and celebrity influencers.

How to start a micro-influencer marketing campaign from scratch

Now that you’ve learned why Micro-Influencers are more powerful, it’s time to start from scratch. Follow these amazing steps to deliver an amazing campaign resulting ROI for your brand.

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