What to expect from Google Indexing – Here’s what people Google the most

Whenever you type your desired search query on a Google search bar, it brings thousands or millions of relevant websites to your screen within seconds. The whole process of accumulating relevant sites takes place even before you search for something.

Isn’t it an overwhelming truth? If you want to know the secret behind how Google process information to match your search within a fraction of seconds, then stay with us. Here we will whisper about this hidden truth publicly, and we will also figure out what is the most searched thing on Google ever.

Google organizes information through Indexing

The process starts with website development when a new website is launched. The web crawlers first discover those sites, detect them by following the links on the webpages, and then go from link to link to bring back the information to the Google server. It is similar to how we use the search engine by putting our desired keywords on the search bar and taking out the relevant information we need.

As soon as the Google server receives the information, it categorizes it in the search index. This practice is known as indexing.

Once the information reaches the Google server, it renders the content of the page and then tracks those into a specific category of the search index. The content is rendered with the help of key signals such as keywords, etc. The servers also check how fresh is the website, and how active is it?

When the indexing process is taking place, Google links the webpages with all the keywords that are present in the website’s content. This is why when you search for a particular thing, you get relevant results.

For better understanding, you can simplify it with, when you open a book, there is a list of chapters given in the index along with them the page numbers are also mentioned. When you want to go on a particular chapter, you look at the page number of the topic and directly turn on that page. Similar is the case with Google indexing. It is just, we do it manually, and Google does it with the help of AI and software.

To further elaborate on the connection between Google indexing and browsing results, we will take help from the Google annual list of what is the most searched thing on Google.

Here are the results of the most searched thing on the internet.

Google Trends 2020

As Google’s annual list of the most Googled thing for one of the most historic years came forward, it has revealed the most searched thing ever. According to the reports, “WHY”, is the question that has been typed on the search bar the most since ever before.

Apart from that, many other questions also became a trend; “What day is it?” Moreover, people searched for different recipes as well. Furthermore, the coronavirus is the most trending subject of the year.

As we take a look at the top five search trends globally, Covid-19 pandemic tops the list, followed by 2020 election results, Kobe Bryant, Zoom, and IPL. 


Google was able to extract this list of what is the most Googled thing by taking out relevant details from the most searched indexes. Because all the information was categorized systematically through indexing, it became easier for Google to group the subjects and mention them in the report.

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