What is the SEO visibility score and how to increase it for the website traffic?

One of the most heard terms among SEO experts is SEO visibility score. This is kind of a tracker that tells you about your progress on a particular site or a keyword. Search Engine Optimization has many different layers and one of them is the SEO visibility score. This is an important aspect when it comes to content optimization and URL optimization. So if you are wondering what SEO visibility score is and how to increase it, then remain here for the full picture.

What is the SEO visibility score?

SEO visibility score is a calculation of the number of clicks a website has received from organic traffic based on its ranking on the search engine. Perse, if you are ranking on number 2 or number 3 in the search engine for a particular keyword, the number of clicks that you are getting from the visitors will conclude as your SEO visibility score.

If you are struggling with SEO visibility, then find here some useful tips to up your SEO game and become more visible on the search engine. However, before we get on to these tips let us brief you on how SEO visibility is calculated and what it shows us.

SEO visibility calculation

There are several pointers that are analyzed before calculating the SEO visibility score. The data points include the domain’s URL frequency, the position of the site on the search engine, the volume of the used keyword, and more.

This refers to where the site is ranked in the organic search results of the search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. All the sites ranked in the position are given weightage. This weightage of clicks and scores is developed by Searchmetrics. Apart from this, Click-Through-Rate is also used to calculate the visibility scores in SEO.

Click-Through-Rate here means that the sites that are ranked on the first page are likely to get more clicks from the visitors than the sites ranked on other pages. Moreover, a site that is, perse on rank 3 would get far more clicks than a simple text link given on the same position.

Now that we have understood how visibility scores are calculated, let’s discuss what is the purpose behind these calculations.

What does the SEO visibility score depict?

In general, the SEO visibility score helps SEO experts to determine how well a website is performing in the search engine, how visible is it in the organic search results, and how many clicks is it getting from the organic traffic that type out the related query in the search box of their search engines. Moreover, this also works as a guide for SEO experts on deciding what areas of the site need optimization and what changes would make the visibility better and get more clicks.

Apart from this, it helps the website owners to check out their competitors in the market and see what is making their site a winner or loser in terms of visibility and clicks. This helps the experts to draw conclusions as to what their next step should be when deciding the SEO strategy.

How to increase SEO visibility score in 2022

Long-tail keywords are the best

One of the mistakes that many newbies make is that they use high-difficulty keywords, which has a lot of competition. This is why they are unable to see results on the search engine. For a result-generating practice, we suggest you use long-tail keywords because they have less competition and have fewer difficulty scores. Moreover, these keywords directly target the visitor’s intent, which again goes in your favor. Thus if you want to see your site ranking on the first page of Google, then long-tail keywords are the best strategy with long-term results.

Ensure your site is mobile-friendly

Because many users now search via their mobile phones, ensure that your site is mobile-friendly as well. If it is not, then regardless of how great content you are posting, you will not see results because Google down-marks the websites that aren’t optimized to be mobile-friendly. Therefore your site has to be mobile friendly and to check whether your site is optimized or not, you can check it through Google’s own tool and Google’s search console.

When we say start backlinking your content, it doesn’t mean that you start to put backlinks from various ranked sites. Even backlinking in SEO needs a strategy. First, analyze your niche and then find relevant sites that might help to make your content more optimized. Use those links rather than picking up sites randomly.

Dwell time content optimization

Dwell time is a UX signal that Google uses to see if a particular site is giving what the visitors need. Google uses artificial intelligence to analyze if your site fulfills the intent of your target audience. It does it by seeing dwell time, which is if a visitor spends a good amount of time on your site, then google recognizes it with good dwell time and ranks your site higher in the search engine. However, if a visitor clicks on your site, but stays for a very short amount of time, then Google down marks it with bad dwell time and prioritizes sites that have better dwell time.

Work on your meta title and meta descriptions

Google has various ways to analyze if your site is of any good to the users and one of them is organic-click-through-rate. The more people click on your CTR, the chances get better that Google will recognize your site to be fulfilling the intent of your target audience and therefore will rank your site higher on the search engine. To improve your CTR, you will have to come up with attractive meta titles that attract the visitor to click. Moreover, you can provide better meta descriptions that give the crux of your content and sell it well. By doing so, you will not only improve your CTR rapidly but will also help you to get better SEO visibility scores.

These were the top five tips that you must have in your bag whenever you are planning your SEO strategy for results. If you are already using these tips then there is always room for betterment. Apart from these, you can also experiment with internal linking, LSI keywords, SEO web audits, and expanding SERP Real Estate. For now, this was all from our side, we hope that these tips and a comprehensive explanation of what SEO visibility score is would benefit you and your site.

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