Web design vs. Web development in a nutshell

Certainly, website design and development services have created an extraordinary spectrum of engagements and completely changed the way how businesses used to operate. Without these services, it is almost impossible to grow your business and reach potential customers, who might be looking to have any of the services you provide. In this article, we will look for website design and website development services. Moreover, we will also shed some light on the outcomes of having these services and how can you get a boom in your business just by sitting in front of your laptop and have the opportunity to acquire what you have been looking for, maybe for years.

What do these website designs and services do?

To start your online business, the first thing you must need is a website. It may sound stress-free to create a website, but there’s a lot more behind this normally used term. Now, you have to decide whether you are going to create a website for your business by yourself or you need to hire professionals for it.

Basically, a website is a product of four departments:

  • Website Design Department – Which designs the website layout and do the site graphics
  • Website Development Department – Which does the coding
  • Marketing Department – Which carries out the analysis, sets business goals and creates the site content.
  • IT Department – Which works to handle website hosting 

Most people consider that creating a website is as easy as filling a form. Just register for a domain, find an appealing web template, and use a program like WordPress, Wix, Blogger, etc. and your website is good to go. But it will not give you the edge you want for your business. To give your website a professional look and to make it function properly, you have to hire a professional or a website design and development company.

You just have to inform the professionals about what your business is about, who is your target audience, and what are your objectives as well as what you wish to gain from the website, then they will deal with the rest.

The difference between web design and web development

From the above discussion, you must’ve gotten an idea about both the terms (design & development). But for a clearer understanding, you can say that designing a website is the process of creating an aesthetically appealing presence digitally that engages users and allows them to find the information they are looking for without any hassle. Whereas, the term website development deals with the back-end part of coding, programming, and developing all the features that the business might need to achieve its objectives. Website design and development should be user-friendly, aesthetically appealing, and cross-platform compatible. There can never be a debate about website design vs. website development – as both are an integral part of any website that empowers businesses to achieve their objectives.

Here are some of the professional web design and development services advantages that provide a productive and engaging online presence.  

Makes Navigation Easier

Easy navigations mean when a user lands on your website, s/he finds the information with minimum clicks. The user must access the website easily without waiting for the page to load completely. Too much advertisement or pictorial representation can also make your website obscure.

Apart from easy access, a developer will always check the website for eliminating bugs that may create a hinderance in page load time. For getting organic traffic, a website must have good navigation capabilities. 

Better Content Placement

Many websites you see may be cluttered with lots of promo videos, past experiences of clients, or highlighting the specialty of the business via text, images, and video that pop out after every scroll. Here’s where a website development shows its worth.

The advantage of hiring a web development company is, it understands that how much visual and text content will suit your product and website. It’s not always beneficial to stuff images to spice things up, but portraying your product along with a concise message will make your website valuable to your users and to the search engines.

Increases The Sale

It’s not a secret anymore that websites are attracting users more than any other medium of marketing. As more businesses are going online, the users can also get the products or services they want easily. Including promotions and incentives increase your sales, and build a cloud of users around your website that ultimately results in sales.

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