Instagram is a storyteller because stories are a great way to create emotional connection with your audience. It is undeniably one of the most important social channels for brands. Whenever you are making a social media marketing strategy, incorporating Instagram is a must!

Here’s what you should know in order to stay updated with the Instagram world.

22 Instagram Stats You Need to Know in 2020

As Instagram continues to grow in 2020, more businesses are focusing on their Insta presence to tell their brand story through varied features of posts, stories and IGTV updates. Here we have a list of unique stats and insights that brands must know to make informed decisions.

Instagram Officially Launches New Layout Mode for Stories

With the holiday season coming close, Instagram has launched a new feature to increase its app engagement. This new layout mode feature is the grid display of static picture within a single frame, providing multiple pictures in different and creative poses hence allowing users to express themselves freely.

Instagram Has New Rules for Publishing Branded Content

Instagram is introducing ‘Special policy’ to prohibit the users from publishing a certain type of content related to tobacco, vaping and weapons. The same policy was introduced a long time ago but was not enforced very strictly. But this time, Instagram is building new tools to implement policy change which will filter out audience for the users.

Instagram Begins Rolling Out Collaborative Group Stories Option

With the year coming to an end, Instagram is on the roll by introducing yet another cool feature of ‘GROUP STORIES’ where the users can collaborate with their friends on a private story. This option is similar to the Group Story option on Facebook which was introduced last year but Instagram is hoping to introduce new tools in this feature as this will be boosting interest and engagement in group messaging.

Instagram Expands Third-Party Fact-Checking on Questionable Content to All Regions

In the month of May this year, Instagram started working with the third party fact-checkers to identify the misinformation that goes on Instagram. These partners would help Instagram in reducing the distribution of false information by removing it from Explore and Hashtag pages. Other than that, the false information will be labeled to keep the users informed and fight the challenge of misinformation on Instagram.

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