The best Email Marketing practices to grow your Business

Email marketing is the most effective and profitable way to reach and talk to your audience about your business. Not preferring email marketing channel in your digital marketing strategy is like you are leaving the money on the table for others to pick.

If you are confused about how an email strategy works, then in this article, all of your confusion will definitely be cleared.

How Email Marketing works?

Email marketing works differently and amazingly for small businesses. The main behind this is large corporations are able to invest huge amounts on various marketing channels, but most small businesses face budgetary constraints and they have to look for affordable marketing tools that provide a great return on investment. Certainly, large corporations do follow various email marketing tactics with content writing services but they also explore other avenues to increase their reach and profitability. Small businesses, on the other hand, have to play their cards carefully in order to survive.

For this, email marketing is the most cost-effective way as it allows businesses to invest their resources wisely. Convinced about email marketing? Make sure to follow the list given below when creating an email marketing strategy.

  • Avoid purchasing contact lists
  • Do not use ‘No Reply’ in email addresses
  • Limit the number of typefaces
  • Optimize preview text
  • Cleanse your mailing list regularly
  • Keep CTAs and message above the fold
  • Use personalized greetings
  • Create engagement by providing incentives
  • Provide newsletter subscription button
  • Conclude using signature

Avoid purchasing Contact lists

Doesn’t matter how well you have crafted your email before sending it to your recipients, it will not perform according to your expectations if you have purchased your recipient’s list. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) protects the data of users against mishandling or theft. It also requires the permission of the recipients before you send any marketing email to them. And usually purchased email list does not come with consent.

Do not use ‘No Reply’ in Email Addresses

No reply in a message restricts the user, even for unsubscribing from the list. CAN-SPAM is now a popular legislation among email marketers in the U.S. for its rule that no one has the right to use no-reply or any similar keyword in a sender’s email (for instance ‘ You surely want your customers to remain in touch and ask for any query related to your business; for this your customers should know that the email has been written or sent by a human, not via an automated software.

Limit the number of Typefaces

To keep your customers engaged you have to keep your email clutterless. Avoid changing fonts frequently within the email and also avoid using more than one typefaces.

Optimize preview text

When recipients open an email they usually get a warning along with the email (you also must’ve come across this kind of warning). This happens when marketers use available templates for sending bulk emails. Use a customize preview option when using a template for the emails to avoid spreading misconceptions about your business.

Cleanse your mailing list regularly

Most of the time, email campaign rate drops down because of the inactive users or because of those who do not open your email for a specific period of time. Regularly monitor your email recipients and keep removing unengaged/inactive recipients from the list to keep your email campaign healthy. This approach will also lift your campaign’s quality with your loyal recipients.

Keep CTAs and Message above the fold

Keep your call to action buttons and your main message above the fold, else it will get neglected as most of the recipients do not read the complete marketing email till the end. Otherwise, repeat your CTA at least thrice throughout your email. 

Use personalized Greetings

How frequently you read emails from the beginning that start with:

“Dear/ Hi / Hello subscribers”?

If you want to grab your customers’ attention, then you must customize your greeting message. It is the first thing that your recipients read in your email who can become your customers as it creates a lasting impression on them as well.

Create engagement by providing Incentives

Who doesn’t like incentives? Free shipping, discount rates, free iPods, surprise gifts are the types of incentives that maximize your open rate up to 50%. But, do not overwhelm your customers. Maintain your credibility and standard rather than putting a whole bunch of discounts in a single email.

Use Newsletter subscription button

You may think that if customers already are getting your emails, then they must have subscribed to your emails. Yes, you are correct, but in some cases, when you are heading towards another campaign or announcing a new addition in your business, then you must want your recipient to know about it. For this reason, a newsletter subscription is all you want, as it drives the customers to your website.

Conclude using Signature

If you are sending newsletters on behalf of your company, you must add details, logo, and the contact information of your company along with the social media links so that customers can access products and services that your company provides.

List of best Email Marketing platforms 2020

  • Hubspot
  • Constant Contact
  • GetResponse
  • Omnisend
  • AWeber
  • MailerLite
  • Mailjet
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Drip
  • Mailchimp

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