Ten Types of Video Content That Your Viewers Love To Watch

The importance of video content for marketing is increasing and marketers are realizing this trend in the past few years. As more and more users of web content are clicking videos, and businesses are taking sales videos as an opportunity to project their products.

According to video marketing statistics gathered by Wyzowl, an explainer video vendor, these are the social media video best practices and trends.

  • 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool
  • 92% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy.
  • 88% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI
  • 99% of current video marketers will continue using video in 2020
  • 95% plan to increase or maintain their spend
  • 59% are currently planning to start with videos

The primary use of the videos is still marketing and sales but businesses are creating videos for a variety of purposes. As videos are proving useful to convert potential buyers into consumers if a project or a product has a marketing video on the sales page then the chances of conversion increase by 80 percent. Watching a good explainer or product demo video adds the trust factor and potential buyers can see the details of the product quickly. Consumers are shifting to mobiles to search for a product, the effectiveness of the video increases, as mobile users prefer watching a video than by reading a sales copy. Mobile users and buyers prefer watching sales videos and if they are inspired they share it on social media as well. If businesses are still giving importance to sales copies due to the notion that they can use keywords and other SEO stuff to optimize their content then they are wrong as Google and other search engines are giving priority to videos in search results. Videos are not limited to sales only but are also created for HR purposes, support team and the executive team as well.

Here are 10 types of video content that get the most attention of the viewers and brands can use them as part of their content marketing strategy.

  • Video Tutorials and Explainer Videos

Tutorials and how-to videos are the most in-demand video content searched online. These types of videos range from a simple do-it-yourself of some home repair, car fixes or food hacks. These videos usually explain a process to the audience so that they can create something similar to their own. Video tutorials are in high demand when they especially explain a complex process or answer a question which most of the users are looking for. Brands use video tutorials and explainer videos to demonstrate the functioning of their products. Potential buyers are more attracted to product videos that demonstrate the working or explain the best benefits. Usually, users land to an explainer video after clicking learn more button so they are interested in the product and want to buy it. Explainer videos are especially useful when brands are selling a complex product and the video should demonstrate how it works.  

  • Behind the Scenes

People are more intrigued about what is happening behind the scenes if they already know something about the upcoming product or an event. They want to see everyone’s actions behind the scenes. The behind the scene videos are usually raw footages and are less edited for the viewers. However, their life-like portrayal and casual shooting make them attractive. Many times behind the scenes videos are revealing and shed light on the overall culture of the company and their product development process. Brads with really inspiring company culture get the attention of the audience by showing behind the scenes of their business.        

  • Entertaining Fun Videos

Educate, entertain and inspire are the basics of content marketing and a proven way to get the attention of the users and converting them. If brands get successful in making their customers laugh then they get more pleased with the products it offers.   

  • Product Tours

If brands are launching new products then the best way showcase it is through a product tour video. Consumers don’t want to read extensive texts about new products but they usually watch videos of something new or upcoming to analyze if the product serves them in any way. Most of the users convert if the product tour satisfies them.    

  • Vlogs

Vlogs or video blogs are the way of blogging that bloggers adopted due to the changing trend and more demand for video blogs. Mostly the Vlogs are personality-driven and these are personalities are tagged with a product type that they are considered an expert of. For instance, Vlogger might only blog abut photography, reviewing the latest technologies, smartphones or beauty hacks. Usually, brands hire famous video bloggers to demonstrate their upcoming products. As most of the Vloggers already have a huge fan following and a branded video from their page can reach millions of followers in no time, this is why vlogs are very effective to promote products. Vlogs are also affordable as all the video shooting and editing stuff is handled by the Vlogger and is the best alternative to high-end video demos.      

  • Presentations

Presentations are the most-watched videos online. Every year big names in the tech industry launch what they have developed during last year and showcase it through a presentation form the top executives in front of a huge audience. Presentation videos create the buzz and people start talking about it, tweet the best parts of the presentations and share it through Facebook and other social media channels. TED is one such platform where presentations from a variety of speakers get the attention of the viewers from all around the world.      

  • User-Generated Visuals

If brands get successful in engaging their loyal customers to create videos and share it through their social media pages, then these types of videos reach a more relevant audience and without investing anything in marketing. User-generated videos are considered more credible as users do not sniff marketing content in it and believe the hands-on experience of the sharer. User-generated visuals are loved by the brands due to their market reach, originality, and affordability.       

  • Events and Seminars

Just like concerts, business events and seminars are covered through videos recorded on mobile phones and conventional media. Event videos show the actual proceedings of an event or seminar. Even videos show the world about what is happening at an event. It is especially useful to those viewers who are interested in the event but are not able to attend it. A majority of the audience lies to watch the proceedings of an event through a social channel or on their TV screens. This is why event videos are immensely popular and brands invest in it to promote their business.   

  • Live Streaming

Live streaming of videos is a way to capture the attention of viewers who want to view things as it happens. Live streaming is sensational and cut off all the editing artificiality and viewers watch everything raw. Live streaming on social media is immensely popular and it gives a similar feeling as we tend to watch live coverage on TV. You must have seen users going live on Facebook and thousands of users interacting with the sharer through emoji symbols and comments.       

  • Social Videos

Social media videos or the raw footages from users shared on social media get the most viewership. Brands are using the power of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other similar platforms to reach their audience with social videos. Facebook has introduced a special segment to show videos and where users can scroll down and view multiple videos in the same interest category. Some social platforms are known for longer videos such as YouTube and some are best known for shorter videos such as Instagram. Ideally, a 30-second video on Instagram gets more viewership, an average of 45 seconds on Twitter, 1 minute for Facebook and videos longer than 2 minutes get the most views on YouTube. 

Video content is an effective part of the content marketing strategy; you can consult us to make the best use of it for your brand.  

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