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Sybrid MB

• Industry

Healthcare ServicesT

• Services Offered

Corporate Website Development & Maintenance Services


Sybrid MD is full service medical billing company. Founded in 2009, the company has billed for more than 100 practices in 22 states, in the U.S. Sybrid MD’s medical billing experts works with providers nationwide (U.S) to decrease the stress of billing, and more importantly, to increase cash flows.


Sybrid MD wanted to revamp it’s website, which can generate leads and improve user experience, through crisp yet complete communication available on the website

Actions Performed

  • Performed a comprehensive analysis and audit of the website along with heatmap installation on the older website to examine visitor journey, using Crazyegg
  • Developed an in-depth wireframe, to map the user journey and placed intend driven and benefit oriented CTAs, as well as made contact details more prominent, especially for mobile users
  • To optimize the data collection (for leads), short landing pages were created with small commitments against data gathering
  • Shortened the contact forms’ details which can make the process of filling and submitting the details easy, for a visitor
  • Off-loaded exaggerated content which was making the website heavy, effecting it load time
  • Focused on revamping the website for mobile-first usage and content consumption
  • Changed the over-all design and the colors of the website which highlighted intend driven areas of the touch point


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