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Proceed being a digital marketing agency understands the importance of SEO and this is why we have recruited some of the best SEO experts in Pakistan. Our team of SEO professionals fully understand the algorithms of search engines and apply best practices to help your website rank higher.

Why does ranking on search engines matter?

When referring to product placement in retail stores, it is often said that “Eye Level is the Buy Level.”
In modern day, this phrase is equally applicable to search engine results. Websites that appear higher in the list of search results tend to be more frequently visited and are often more trusted by the users.

But making it to the top of the list is not just a coincidence.  It requires effective SEO. Proceed provides reliable SEO services in Pakistan to local clients while also helping various international brands improve the visibility on search engines and increase website traffic. Coincidentally, sales tend to increase when more and more people know about your business’s existence. Whether you are looking for SEO services in Karachi or New York, we are here to help. Because SEO makes your website more accessible when it comes to specific search results that are related to your industry, or the products and services you offer.

At Proceed, we have an experienced SEO team that can help businesses increase their organic search score by integrating even the most difficult keywords as if they were a perfect fit. We try to offer solutions within our clients’ budget by trying to customize our packages as per their need and scope. This is why for our clients; we are the best SEO company in Pakistan.

The best part is that our team is capable of providing Off-site and Technical SEO Services in addition to the On-Page ones. If you’re wondering what’s the difference between them, read below:



All efforts of optimizing a webpage that are related to content may be grouped under the head of “On-Page SEO”. This function of search engine optimization focusses on ensuring whether the information on the website would be valuable and relevant to the target audience. Keyword research, content creation, and keyword optimization are all a part of this type of search engine optimization.

We even have a proficient team of in-house writers who can create plagiarism-free content for different niches. Our SEO and content teams work hand-in-hand to generate the best results for our clients.



The greater the number of credible websites linking to your site, the higher the traffic diverted to it. This strategy even helps build your website’s reputation and is referred to as Off-site SEO.

Our team maintains relations and collaborates with other websites on your behalf to get your links published on them.



As the name suggests, this function refers to the website’s backend structure and operational efficiency. Factors such as speed of the website, its architecture, safety, and mobile friendliness come under the technical aspects of SEO. Since such factors increase the readability of the website, they make it easier for the search engines to crawl and the website to be classified as a high quality one.

So if you need a complete SEO package in reasonable rates, contact us now!


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