Pinterest Marketing How to use a Pinterest for business

Pinterest Marketing: How To Use a Pinterest for Business

An immediate way to conclude all that’s going to be in this guide summarizes in the following phrase, “Visuals speak louder than words.” That’s what Pinterest is about, that is how you build your brand surrounded by an ever-emerging audience with Pinterest marketing.

However, many brands have given up on making the visuals that are louder than words, for they couldn’t spot the right element to share, though they were targeting the right audience. To put it simply, they couldn’t make the content their audience loved to see from them and that would keep them attached to their brand.

Therefore, we have come up with a guide on Pinterest Marketing, which intends to shed light on every nook and cranny of Pinterest, offering you a flawless roadmap to leveraging one of the most underrated media channels for your business, irrespective of its size.

While it’s inevitable that we’d learn everything about Pinterest Marketing in this guide, let us first explore the importance of the platform and the possibilities that you, as an individual or as a business, could uncover the way the big fishes of marketing do.

What importance does Pinterest have on an industrial scale?

What importance does Pinterest have on an industrial scale

You may find it intriguing enough to shift all your attention to Pinterest when you read that the platform outperforms Twitter and Redditt but fails to counter the competency of Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram for obvious reasons.

Not that you could not take it seriously without the numbers, but here is the breakdown of Pinterest’s monthly audience against the monthly active users of outperformed platforms.

Twitter to this day hosts the monthly active users of around 329 million, followed by a headcount of 430 million active users hosted by Reddit, and both of them outperformed by the count of 433 million active monthly users held by our very own Pinterest, which is expected to grow even exponentially in the upcoming months.

Now the question arises, why would the biggest brands in the world miss out on swift 433 million active users, who are the source of their dominancy and help them maintain their influence in the market, no matter how better of a product or service you introduce.

They have captivated the minds of millions with communicating and lasting pins — that’s what you call the images, GIFs, short videos, and visuals uploaded on the platform — which always give them a sense of betterment over your offerings, regardless of how unique and better they are.

Wondering how they do it? The answer lies within Pinterest as well. They trace the mindset of their followers as their shadows trace them. People on Pinterest share their fashion, career, conceptual, and professional aspirations, it ultimately allows the brands to catch an idea of what their next product should look like, with zero fear of risking it all.

Or should we say with the utter confidence of success that their new launches would be seen doing rounds in the market? It does not matter, for their innovative thinking always manages to give them an edge over their competition. You could do the same, provided you are actively following what your audience expects to see from you, thus, expanding your chances of making an overnight fortune.

How does Pinterest work?

How does Pinterest work

Many people out there take Pinterest for Instagram, saying it does the same as the photo-sharing app. Well, that’s not the case, not even likely. It is because Pinterest is the place where you look up to your fascination with a specified medium of their availability and where you can get them from, unlike Instagram, where you do share photos and videos but can’t specify the medium of acquiring the products or services.

Anyways, now that you know how Pinterest differs from Instagram, let’s get to how Pinterest works. Pinterest basically hosts everything you do fantasize or may fantasize about in the future, just hop onto the platform, search for whatever you crave, and see yourself getting amazed as you scroll through the thousands of pins posted by people from across the world.

Those pins are equipped with the links to the sellers along with their detailed descriptions, entailing the answers to your related FAQs. You can then save those pins to your dashboard and even organize them into different boards by setting a different theme for each of them.

You can create as many boards, public or private, and share them with the people who share the same mindset as you, building a lasting bond that offers you more brainstorming possibilities, ultimately evolving your relationship into an unexpected business opportunity.

You can also trace the number of clicks your pin receives due to its uniqueness and relation with other users on the platform, an explicit sign of how much they are intrigued and inspired by your content. It also guides you on if you should keep making the same content or switch to different fields, though it is rare.

How does Pinterest work for businesses?

How does Pinterest work for businesses

When we discuss Pinterest from the business perspective, we discuss Pinterest Marketing, not just Pinterest, which draws you back to using the platform as an individual. However, now that we are discussing Pinterest Marketing or Pinterest for businesses, let’s have a look at the benefits that your brand can avail itself:

1. SEO-Boost

Undoubtedly, reigning the search engines is the primary goal of any business going digital with their offerings. And yours should be no different, for the numbers the ranked businesses get from the search engines are enough to not let them get physical in local markets.

However, when you, as a business, join Pinterest, you not only build your fanbase on the platform but a customer base of your business that doesn’t believe in leaving you alone, as you are only offering what they want you to offer.

How is that possible? When you share your offerings in the form of visuals, be it videos, photos, GIFs, and any other form, you include the links to their respective pages on your website, which results in a considerable amount of organic traffic driven to each page, making the search engines aware of your credibility and the desire to provide value to your audience.

2. Lasting Impressions

 Only the pins that are trend-fully and timely updated succeed on Pinterest, and for that very reason, your pins creates an impression on your audience in a captivating manner. Also, people use Pinterest to save their favorite pins for futuristic use, they save them for their wedding, to plan a next-big friend gathering, to follow their passion, and whatnot, it doesn’t let the old memories fade away.

Whenever they visit their saved pins, they scroll through everything they have saved because there lies their passion, and all of a sudden, your pin strikes their mind for repercussive needs. That’s it, there they are, on your website, shopping for your offerings and exploring the new editions.

3. Get Discovered Faster

Ranking on Pinterest is relatively easier than ranking on the search engines, while we’ll be getting to how you can rank faster, it expands your chances of getting discovered by the users that didn’t know your product, given their urge for it, existed and they could get it such conveniently.

At a certain time, you don’t need to follow others, as they follow you first, and spend a decent timeslot on your boards, which is one of the most positive signals that tell Pinterest of your distinctiveness. There are endless possibilities with Pinterest only that you know to implement the right thing at the right time.

We have discussed these benefits in general ways, though there could be thousands of them specifically. Anyways, let’s now get to how you, as a business, can get started with the platform, and start expanding your fan and customer base.

How to get started with Pinterest?

How to get started with Pinterest

Among many nooks and crannies, learning to get started with any platform is a crucial one. If you know the benefits of a certain platform but are unaware of how to use it, there’s no point in holding those benefits in your memory. Therefore, let’s learn how to get started with Pinterest, and get done with your business idea in a matter of minutes.

1. Creating a Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest marketing starts with signing up for the platform as a business. For that, you don’t need to go through a never-ending procedure, but like other platforms, get to Google, search for the Pinterest business account, and sign up by fulfilling all the requirements of the platform.

Now, if you ask for the difference between personal and business accounts, there is only one, which is the access to running advertisements through pins for better reach and enhanced conversion. The rest are more or less the same. Also, you can convert your personal account to a business account, which won’t disturb the flow of the pins that you have uploaded, nor would it wipe them off your account. 

2. Set Up Your Business Profile

Once you have signed up as a business, and if you are starting fresh and not converting from your personal account, Pinterest will show you numerous categories from which you will have to select a few, only to let the platform prepare you a customized timeline.

Also, your profile that you will need to set up will be different from that of a personal profile, as it will clearly convey that you are a business and deal accordingly. You will need to ensure you do the same as your profile does with your description, highlight your USPs, accomplishments, and how you are different from your competitors, but in a few lines.

Fill in everything that Pinterest has to offer, as it accounts for excellent optimization of your business page, and helps you rank faster. Moreover, no matter what you fill and don’t fill, you must attach your website as it helps you hunt a duet of targets with a single arrow. 

You can add your logo to your pins by embedding the link to your website, it will help you promote your brand identity while you the make most of it, as in conversion.

3. Start Sharing ‘Your’ Content

We have been prone to seeing businesses posting the content they don’t own, only for the sake of staying active on the platform, which is not going to take you everywhere; instead, will promote the original owners of the content. Even if it does, which is extremely rare, it won’t be stable and will face the floor quite sooner.

As you can see, we have emphasized the word ‘your’ for obvious reasons, it simply means, you need to create and share the content that is originally yours, as this is the only way to stand out among your competitors and own the platform. You need to come up with unusual photos, videos, GIFs, and whatever format of content you want, provided that it is yours.

But before you start doing that, you need to make boards and take proactive steps to organize the content that you will post in the future. This way, it will help you and your audience finds appropriate content at the right time without any hassle.

4. Incorporate Keywords

From the optimization of your Pinterest business profile to the day you will upload the last piece of your content, you need to be extremely conscious of keyword research and placement in the content. The description of your profile holds a great impact on the algorithms of Pinterest and helps you become a pioneer in Pinterest Marketing by gaining you the top spot in the rankings.

The pins that you upload need a description as well, then there is an alternate image text, board titles, and board descriptions, they all could hold a keyword or two, which hits on the Pinterest algorithms, and signalizes them that there is your business who operates on the what people are searching for, ultimately leveling up your Pinterest marketing game.

5. Establish a Consistent Interaction with Other Accounts

‘Tit for Tat’ is how it goes on every other social media platform, let alone Pinterest. When you interact with other accounts the way you want them to interact with yours, you take the first step towards a never-ending professional relationship, which benefits you and your business the most.

Also, when you interact with others by pinning their pins on your timeline and boards, they do the same for you, and since you are just starting up, you’d find that exposure to their followers a gold mine, which will surely leave you with something in your hands.

Not only the exposure there can be hundreds of benefits for your business, as it will help you build your fanbase, given the recommendations coming from other business accounts and their followers that have started to like you.

Don’t forget to share your pins on other social media platforms, especially where you already have a fanbase, though small. Include the links to your other accounts on your Pinterest profile, as it will help your customers know more about your presence, accounting for an increase in the following of those pages as well.

6. Track Your Progress with Pinterest Analytics

Since you are implementing all the best practices of social media and Pinterest Marketing on your account, you’d not want to miss out on tracking your progress. You will definitely see a surge in your followers, engagement, clicks, and pinning, which will only keep growing every passing day, as long as you keep implementing those practices on your business profile.

Now, for Pinterest Analytics, it is a tool that the platform offers you when you create your business account, allowing you to track your metrics, and dig into the potential to access more. It helps you track all we have suggested to you, and in the best of manners, given its development by the same platform.

We have now given you a flawless roadmap to building your brand on Pinterest with Pinterest Marketing, and that too from scratch. But again, it was only a roadmap, there have to be some milestones to keep you in line, which is where the Pinterest marketing strategies show up.

That said, here’s one to keep in mind, and get inspired for a hundred more. Before that, let’s first learn what makes for a performing Pinterest marketing strategy, just so you don’t fully depend on what we tell you, and develop yours on the spot.

What makes for a performing Pinterest marketing strategy?

What makes for a performing Pinterest marketing strategy

Strategy is placing an optimal number of landmarks on your way to the ultimate target. A few of these landmarks are general and a few could be specific. For example, regularity, punctuality, consistency, determination, etc. are all general, and specific could be the service-based attributes like posting more pins, placing keywords, scheduling your pins, etc.

A performing Pinterest marketing strategy involves adhering to the policies and standards of the platform and doing it more often by staying updated with the latest developments. You need to do everything that forms a bond between your business and your prospects without going too deep, as it may sound pushy and put an impact that you are only about yourself when you should be about your customers.

This formula applies not only to Pinterest but to every other social media platform existing to this day. As long as you are consistent and disciplinary with the platform’s rules and stay updated with all the developments, you would do just fine with serving your customers in the best manner possible.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy 2022 — Get Inspired a million times!

Pinterest Marketing Strategy 2022

Pinterest, since its inception, has put a lot of creative juice into the platform, and it continues to this day and in the days ahead. They have provided many innovative sets of tools to their users so that they can develop unique Pinterest marketing strategies to attract the most followers, leading to their conversion.

Among those tools lie Pinterest analytics, idea pins, keyword tags, and convenient standards of ranking. With the blend of these, we bring you a Pinterest marketing strategy that’s 2022 exclusive and may change your perspective about the platform.

1. Keep Creating Unique Pins

We have jotted down an entire heading about it, emphasizing the importance of creating unique content. Now, what would you call unique content, or what are the criteria of unique content? These two questions might pop up in your mind upon reading the heading.

However, the answer to both of these questions is the same, which is to create content that’s exclusive to your business and portrays your love for it. It must portray how you intend on helping your followers and your sincerity towards them.

While you do that, you need to incorporate keywords, links, and anything that could link back to your business’s website, offering people a medium to avail of your services and make the most of them with the representation or demo in your pin.

2. Create Videos More Often

Videos capture the most attention of users, therefore, you need to come up, create, and post more videos on your Pinterest boards, so users spend more time on your page, and learn more about your business.

Also, while sharing videos, you need to first decide the intent, whether you will be doing one to share information, navigate the consumer to your website, or want your audience to take another action, it will totally depend upon the perspective of your video pin.

This way, your audience will get an idea that you intend on helping them and not just marketing your business for more reach. It ultimately builds loyalty, which further keeps your audience from shifting to another brand, despite your hard times.

3. Sift Your Boards Off Stale Content

Letting the outdated pins acquire space on your board might put a stop to the increasing excitement of your user, who is coming after seeing your fresh pin, which you did exceptionally well. You need to identify the least clicked pins, having no or less engagement, and that was trend-specific.

Keep all your boards maintained and updated to ensure their optimization all the time, i.e., when a user navigates to one of them, they must be amazed by your creativity, and all the pins going a hundred percent hit. It is a positive sign and cements your eligibility to qualify as an authentic seller of unique or common goods.

4. Avoid Repining, Post A New Pin Instead

When you post a fresh pin, and it doesn’t get enough engagement, it means people have seen it but didn’t find it interesting enough to interact with it. In some cases, repining might do the thing, but not all the time. Whenever you decide to repin a post, try posting a fresh one instead. This way, you won’t bore your audience out of the creative block, but keep entertaining them with new stuff every day.

It would also be an explicit pointer of your activeness on the platform, compelling your audience on following you even more aggressively, as your content caters to their specificity and keeps them entertained upon every visit.

5. Upload Mobile-friendly Pins

This is 2022, people don’t wait to sit in front of their laptops or PCs to search for something, but unlock their mobiles and get over their curiosity. Therefore, if you are sharing your pins on other social media platforms, or your pins rank on Google or any other search engines, people will click on them to view what you have to offer, and if it doesn’t turn out mobile-friendly, woosh! You just lost a potential lead.

Making your pins mobile-friendly would do you only good and will help you double your revenue right when it matters the most.


Pinterest marketing is itself an art. Like all other social media platforms, you have to be consistent with your activities and adhere to the rules and standards of the platforms. It can be your breakthrough towards starting up as a business or growing as an influencer, as both of them fall into your favor, being some of the passive sources of income.

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