Paid Media


We make every penny count; be it for creating awareness, engaging audience, selling a product, generating leads for a service or increasing brand reach, as digital media buying agency.

Media Strategy

& Planning

Our belief is, a media mix doesn’t have to be complicated to ensure the success of a campaign, it could be simple but it is critical to have a cohesively formed funnel, which can bring in and take the audience through the consumer journey, towards the objective of a brand, using digital channels.

Media Buying

& Execution

A great communication, with an incorrect media placement, timings and audience set, can ruin the idea and the brand’s media budget applied to it, missing the intended objective to achieve. Our media teams take results personally, very personally and this makes them emotional about achieving the desired return on investment, through various methods, such as; Paid Social Media Campaign and Google Ads Campaign.

Media Analytics

& Reporting

Since we understand the language of numbers, we analyze the results and generate trends that we further align with strong research to achieve objectives with each of our campaigns. Not just that the results we generate, we make sure that our clients remain updated on that and understand the readings usually media reports and analysis documents have, with utmost transparency.



The number of campaigns that we have executed, allowed us to have a diverse experience of managing nearly all of the sorts of objective-driven campaigns, using Social Media, Google, Bing, Local Publishers etc. Some of the campaign types that we find ourselves confident on are;

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