A Faster Way To Convert Your Prospects Into Your Customers!

Being an experienced online media buying agency, we analyze, strategize, and execute data and goals-driven paid media campaigns. It creates an urge in your targeted audience which eventually converts them into your customers.

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Brand Awareness

Educate your audience on how your brand aims to make their lives better with the expertise of an avid media planning and buying agency.


With our google ads campaign management and execution, the engagement graph of your site keeps expanding outwards.

Website Traffic

Our paid media campaigns drive only the traffic that has a higher chance of buying from you, which makes it efficient and cost-effective at the same time.

App Installs

Get your application installed on the smartphone of every other individual belonging to your targeted audience.


Yielding a higher conversion rate, our data-driven conversion-based paid media services are vital for our mark as a media buying agency.


Let us help you stay connected with your audience, which ultimately leads you to higher return on investment.

How Do We Convert Your Prospects Faster?

Step #01

Website Analysis

Our Google Ad specialist starts the process with a swift analysis of your competitor’s website. To do so, they leverage the most credible analysis tools that fetch precise results and help us lay a stronger and more lasting foundation for your campaigns. They analyze their website for its traffic, the region the traffic is coming from, and what keywords against what budget are driving that traffic to their site. It helps set goals for your brand or product and identify the routes to obtain them.

Step #02

Setting Campaign Goals

Derived from the results of the website analysis, we set your campaign goals. The goals may range from spreading awareness of your brand among your prospects, driving traffic to your site, or enhancing the sales of your services or products. If the goal is to spread awareness, we ensure spreading it among the right people; if driving traffic, we ensure driving the right traffic, and so it goes on.

Step #03

Campaign Selection

To fulfill your preset goals, we will now select the most-suitable campaign. If you want us to follow your word, we’ll do that. Otherwise, our SEM team will indeed be passing you the suggestions. The campaigns may range from search campaigns, display campaigns, shopping campaigns, and video campaigns to app campaigns. Each yields a different set of outcomes, which are the goals we set in step two.

Step #04

Setting the Campaign

Here we finally have your campaign focused on achieving the pre-decided goals. From the campaign name and campaign locations to the selection of the right audience, budget setting, Google bidding type, and ad group, we set everything in a way that streamlines your campaign and provides them a flawless roadmap on their quest to acquire your campaign goals.

Step #05

Keyword Creation

Our keyword creation and selection are based on the selected ad group. These groups are an exact match, broad match, and phrase match. Again, it depends on the end goal of the campaign. The exact or phrase match keywords display your ad when your prospect searches for the exact keyword. The broad match, however, will reach a wider audience.

Step #06

Ad Selection

After creating and selecting the right keywords, we will move to ad selection. We choose them with our social media and bing ads campaign management or google ads campaign management services for their ultimate actions. For instance, the ads are call ads, video ads, text ads, expanded texts ads, display ads, expanded display ads, and dynamic search ads. They all will direct your prospect to take the respective action, e.g., calls, clicks, views, and traffic. Their selection is dependent on the campaign goals.

Step #07

Setting Up Google Analytics

Setting up google analytics is crucial to implementing the best google ads campaign management services. It helps us track the metrics of your ad campaigns such as the number of visitors, new users, the bounce rate on your site or landing page, the locality of your site visitors, their time on your site, and their action in that time.

Step #08

Campaign Execution

Being the last step of the entire process, we execute your all-set campaign on the decided platforms, e.g., social media and search engines. If it is a social media campaign, we will use Facebook’s Ad Manager to initiate and track it. But, if it is a search engine or Google ads campaign, we will use your Google Ad account and Google Analytics to execute and track it. The entire process is how we convert your prospects faster.

Case Studies

Smart Ghar

Smart Ghar is the sole distributor & authorized dealer of Sonoff in Pakistan, Selling IOT products for home automation through an online shop.

Smart Ghar was struggling in selling its products through its online shop i.e. www.smartghar.pk where the website is generating high bounce rate and failing to showcase its products as a solution.


increase in
Overall Sales Growth


increase in
Returning Customers


increase in
Conversion Rate


increase in
Overall Sales Growth

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