LongTailPro Review Guide: The Best Keyword Research Tool to increase your Organic Traffic

Success doesn’t happen overnight. It is a constant hustle that any business goes through to rank itself on top of the first page of search engine(s). The field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is fiercely competitive and everyone needs to pace up their game.

SEO is an integral part of any digital marketing business. It gives you a detailed insight into Google Analytics, keyword rankings, website performance, benchmarking, SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), etc.

In this article, we will review LongTailPro SEO tool, its working, its advantages, and the pricing plans.

If you have ever wondered, which tool is the most effective to get more organic traffic to your website in a quick time, we assure you that LongTailPro is the best solution to all your SEO requirements and needs.

The LongTailPro is an efficient keyword research tool that offers a myriad of options for businesses to keep their rankings high on SERPs. It also provides a comparative analysis of other business websites and their keyword usage strategy.

LongTailPro helps you attract more traffic to your website, thereby ensuring that your content ranks on the first page of Google. Many professionals use this tool to their advantage.

There are dozens of magical wands through which businesses tend to attract more organic traffic on their websites. But for now, we will be discussing LongTailPro.

Long-tail keywords provide meaning to the search query. Such keywords also assist with a higher conversion rate. After getting your desired keywords by using the LongTailPro tool, you can perform a website competitive analysis of the top-ranked sites that appear in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

How does the LongTailPro Keyword tool work?

  • To find related ideas about the topic, insert the seed keyword
  • The tool checks the keyword for 13 metrics.
  • You must decide which keywords are good for you based on their rank
  • Keep hold of your top rankings with the rating tracker

Basic Properties

  • You can build several projects by using this tool. When you have more than one platform to deal with, it is enormously helpful. You can organize your keywords accordingly, which helps you to remain structured.
  • Use this tool to find the top keywords that will encourage more Cost Per Click (CPC), if you are aiming to enhance your AdSense profits
  • You can search the keyword rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing with this tool.
  • The best advantage is that you can add certain business keywords to your search that actually define you.
  • You can check the keyword profitability and rank value.

The Three Fundamental Strategies

You must have gotten a brief insight into LongTailPro till now. So, when it comes to juggling with the keywords for the website, we hope you know which tool to pick!

The LongTailPro offers three annual pricing plans, namely Agency, Pro, and Starter. Let’s look into them.

Annual Agency Plan

With the LongTailPro Annual Agency package, you can search for 6000 keywords in a day. If you subscribe to this plan, you can calculate the feasibility of keyword ideas for your product on a scale of 0 to 100. At a time, up to 200 manual keyword entries can be attained. This package also includes a full collection of layouts that enables you to scale up your SEO activities.

Annual Pro Plan

With the Annual Pro Plan, you can search for 2500 keywords in a 24-hour period. This plan depicts a SERP breakdown for Google keyword ideas that portrays the most efficient method, be it PPC or organic listings, with almost 200 mapped keywords and unlimited domains to monitor.

Annual Starter Plan

With the Annual Starter Plan, you can search for 800 keywords in 24 hours. Moreover, the keyword rankings are updated daily on the rank tracker. Ultimately, you will be able to monitor limitless domains under this package and will receive regular keyword ranking updates. This plan comes with a 10-day money-back guarantee.

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