Brand Name

Lakson Investment Venture Capital

• Industry

Venture Capital & Financial

• Services Offered

Corporate Website Development & Maintenance Services


LIVC invests in entrepreneurs and local businesses to build enterprises, taking innovative ideas to the next stage. It works with Lakson Investments’ (“LI”) team of over 50 experienced professionals while at the same time, leverages the operational experience of the Lakson Group. LI is Pakistan’s largest independent asset management company with a rating of AM2+.


LIVC wanted to create projects it’s presence on digital through a website, which can provide information in simple & crisp manner, as well as integrating a secure client portal in tremendously tight deadline.

Actions Performed

  • Performed a comprehensive analysis and developed wireframes to map the journey
  • Gathered all the relevant information, and formulated the details as per industry standards in terms of content and design
  • Formed a special team of developers and designers to execute the project in a timely manner


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