Know US

The idea behind PROCEED is to push forward the boundaries and achieve results beyond expectation. We use the digital channels for brands to tell meaningful stories, which their audience can relate to and ultimately become their customers.


We Are

We are a part of Sybrid Private Limited. A Lakson Group Company. offering a variety of award-winning​ technology products & services to a diverse clientele from 3 major industries having 400+ clients since 2008 and with a presence in 2 continents.


To be the most customer-centric digital agency; that grows the value of its client’s investment.


Through performance-driven, innovative digital marketing campaigns; we help businesses find the right customers for their products or services.

Core Values

People First

We show great pride and confidence in our people. We strongly believe in putting our people first before anything, be it our colleagues, partners or clients. A strong and well-managed people's alliance means they are ready to overcome any challenges


We are sincere, upfront and confident while seeing things differently. We innovate to challenge the status quo and find chaos as an opportunity, ultimately leading to disruptive solutions.


More than just pleasant, we're optimistic. Our optimism is grounded in our belief that we can achieve our purpose by providing exemplary services and digital solutions to our clients. We look at problems as opportunities and see setbacks as learning experiences. Because we're optimistic, we believe in our clients and help them achieve their milestones.


It is really important for us to make sure that the process is perfect. We behave in the best interest of our clients and partners. We are timely about completing tasks in the best possible manner and encourage an honest working relationship.


We’re upfront with our clients, partners, and colleagues. No hidden agendas. We prefer keeping things as direct and transparent as possible.

Customer Centricity

We provide our customers with targeted communication and media campaigns based on what the business needs, according to market trends.

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PROCEED offers 360-degree digital marketing solutions that help businesses grow, increase brand reach and drive sales.