Facebook Marketing 11 Interactive Posts ideas to boost engagement

Facebook Marketing: 11 Interactive Posts Ideas to Boost Engagement

If you were to start your own business, which social media you would opt for your online presence, Facebook or Instagram? Obviously, Facebook. Ever since it created opportunities like a marketplace for business owners, lt has once again risen to the title of entrepreneurs’ favorite platform.

That said, no matter what platform you use, you will never get enough engagement if you don’t have interactive posts ideas. In fact, engaging content is the key to entertaining your audience, building trust, and eventually driving them to sales.

If you are curious to learn how to engage your audience on Facebook, then check below. We have listed down some interactive posts ideas to boost your engagement.

1. Ask Questions

Audience like it when they are asked for their opinion on critical business decisions. Asking questions related to your business or even random ones will make them feel valued. While the strategy seems pretty basic, it has worked amazingly well for most brands. 

For instance, you can simply share a poll with your audience and spark a discussion. Here are a few examples that might help create engaging questions for your target audience.

  • Share options and ask which one would be best in their opinion
  • Ask for recommendations
  • Share a fun quiz

2. Show BTS (Behind-the-scenes)

Another interesting idea could be sharing your brand behind the scenes. It could be anything, from a simple blooper to how your employees work and prepare stuff for their clients. Just make sure it’s original and delivers a message that you value your customers.

Make a bond with your audience at a personal level so that they can also relate to your brand.

For instance: If you are a product-based business, you can show short videos revealing your organization’s culture and how you prepare stuff, etc. If it’s a fashion brand, you could also show BTS from a fun photo shoot or something like that.

Ask Questions

3. Tell a Story

People love honest and genuine content. Nobody wants to know from your own mouth how exceptional your brand is. Being relatable and personable is what they seek. Creating such content or promotional posts actually prompts an emotional connection with your target audience.

For instance, if you are a telecommunication brand. You can share customer reviews or success stories like how your fast 4g service enabled an old parent to connect to his son sitting far away from home.

4. Talk about trending topics

One great way to engage your target audience is by participating in trending topics. People want to be informed. They like to talk about the current topics of discussion, providing you as a brand an opportunity to gain more traction and views. The best thing is, when you talk about the hot topics, people like and even share those posts on their feed. If possible, try relating it to your brand to stay relevant.

For instance, you can consider the current inflation and petrol prices situation to engage your audience. Since it’s the most talked-about topic right now, you will surely receive an influx of views, comments, and shares.

Talk about trending topics

5. Branded Design Posts

Another recently emerged idea is creating branded design posts for your all social media handles. For those unaware of this term, branded design posts contain a company logo’s colors and font in the background and present quotations, memes, or motivational sayings on the front.

Moreover, you can even use visuals, icons, and illustrations to make them more attractive while delivering your message.

For instance: If you are a digital agency, you can share a fun fact regarding the digital marketing industry, like, “65% of businesses have shifted to digital marketing after Covid” or “43% of businesses don’t have an app”, etc.

6. Post Videos

Facebook encourages video posts. In fact, it has a dedicated section ‘Watch’ for posting videos. It would be best to incorporate video posts into your Facebook marketing strategy for a better reach.

If you are confused about the content you should use for video making, then breathe easy because Facebook has launched a new short videos feature, where you can post a video as short as 26 seconds. Do you still think it’s difficult to create a 26 seconds video content?

Post Videos

7. Product Pictures

This one is quite obvious. Using your product photos for marketing never gets old. It is by far the easiest way to gain traction and increase your brand’s visibility. However, there is a twist to it; instead of just posting your product pictures, focus on the picture aesthetics, copy, and captions.

You can take advantage of upcoming events and holidays and relate them to your brand.

 For instance: If you are running a clothing brand for women, you can run a dedicated campaign for ‘Collection’ or ‘Sale’ with models wearing your brand’s outfits and celebrating the day with their loved ones.

8. Fill in the Blank

Sometimes simple concepts have the most significant impact. Fill in the black is one of the most interactive posts ideas for Facebook. In this concept, you need to post a sentence with a missing word and let your audience guess it.

Doing so will allow your audience to interact with your brand and draw you a stream of comments with fun guesses. Here is an example of how you can do it.

For instance, you can go like, “pizza + ____ is the weirdest combination ever”.

Show your Personality

9. Host a Contest

Contests are a rapid way to increase your following on your social platforms. Moreover, it is the fastest way to gain engagement on a particular post.

If you think a certain post is important for your brand awareness and it should have the maximum reach, do a contest on it. You will be surprised to see how avidly your audience responds.

Here is an example of how you can host a contest on Facebook.

Upload your product’s picture or a branded design post with the copy reading “win 2k worth gift card” and a caption detailing the terms and conditions such as, ‘like ‘xyz’ page’, ‘like this post, and ‘tag 3 friends.’

10. Show your Personality

The audience seeks entertainment, information, and realness. Bringing fun and conversational element will indeed delight your audience. With that, you can reflect your personality in your captions.

For instance, you can make a casual post like, ‘When does season 2 of 2022 will end? We don’t love season 1”.

Caption this Photo

11. Caption this Photo

This interactive post strategy is usually done for high engagement. Since our audience is crazy about creating memes and having fun conversations, this would be a great idea to get maximum tags and shares.

For instance, you can share a funny post and ask your audience to ‘caption this post’.

How to create interactive posts for Facebook?

Having abundant years of experience sharing engaging content on social media platforms, we have learned the art of grabbing the audience’s attention and leading to sales.

It’s time that we share those tricks and tips with you so that you can take your business to new heights.

1. Create Facebook-focused Posts

While it’s common for brands to rotate the same content on all social media platforms, creating platform-specific posts will generate more engagement. For instance, posts that are made solely for Facebook will not perform well on Instagram or TikTok. Each platform has its own aura. What works on one platform doesn’t mean it would work on other platforms as well.

Therefore, it is recommended to create Facebook-specific content if you wish to receive high engagement on Facebook.

2. Add Value

Your brand’s Facebook page should not appear as a catalog stuffed with product pictures or recommendations. It should be a complete package of inspiration, knowledge, and entertainment.

Following this strategy will help you achieve several goals at a time. From boosting brand awareness to building a community and customer loyalty.


3. Practice versatility

One of the best social media practices is to make use of versatility. Don’t just stay stick to your brand; diversify your posts by including;

  • Videos
  • Images
  • Animations
  • Polls and quizzes
  • Cards
  • Memes
  • DIYs
  • Reviews
  • Q&As
  • infographics

4. Focus on Visuals

According to stats, 60% world’s population is visual learners. In fact, a study revealed that we learn through pictures 60,000 times faster than words. Therefore, using visuals for Facebook marketing would be the best idea to familiarize the social media community with your brand.

5. Include CTA (Call to Action)

After following all the previous instructions, when you successfully gain your audience’s attention and trust, then you should move to the next step i.e. call-to-action. However, if you directly hop on to this step without creating enough brand awareness, the chances are very low that you hit your sales target.

Wrap Up

Now that you know the best interactive posts ideas for Facebook, it’s time to start incorporating them into your marketing strategies.

We have witnessed several startups that are now competing with the top-notch brands getting benefitted from these ideas. You can also check out our official page on Facebook to get a rough idea of how to include these engaging ideas.

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