Best Instagram filters across the globe of 2022

Instagram filters to use in 2022:Best Effects and Filters

Instagram – the word is synonymous with amazingly cool pictures! A platform that is known for its aesthetic photographs and chic videos. What makes the content perfect – as Instagram filters.

The game-changer is the Instagram filters. They make everything appear better!

There is a large variety of Instagram filters readily available to be selected by users. Each filter has a unique feature that makes it stand out from the rest.

Instagram filters help you in balancing the brightness of your picture, enhance the contrast or even inject a vintage touch – in short transform your day-to-day picture into something totally amazing.

Your pictures can be a piece of art just by the application of Instagram filters. Another positive aspect is that once the picture is edited with the help of a filter, it will increase the number of comments and views on the Instagram platform.

Instagram filters keep on upgrading and every day a new one bumps into the market but some filters remain utterly popular among the masses across the globe. What are those filters which filters are the most popular ones amongst Instagrammers around the world? This article is all about the amazing Instagram filters that keep people hooked up all year round! Read along to find out.

Instagram filters – How to use them?

 It is very simple to use Instagram filters. Here is how to do it in 3 simple steps.

  • First of all, click on the top left side of your phone screen on your own Instagram profile picture and from there you can swipe on the right side of the feed.
  • Now, swipe on the left side of the screen, and on the bottom, you will see several effects appearing in front of you. All of these effects or filters are created by different Instagram users who happen to be independent creators, you can swipe left to check them out
  • Now you can select the effect that you want and continue to take a picture in that effect, make a boomerang or even record a video.

Instagram Filters favorites around the world

Instagram filters how to use them

Here are some of the Instagram filters which are popular in the United States of America as well as the rest of the world. Let’s check them out:


Clarendon has surpassed every other filter on Instagram. It is the most-liked Instagram filter across America as well as the rest of the world. The filter serves almost every possible purpose such as giving highlights to the picture, brightening it up, or even intensifying the shadows which might pop out the original color of the picture.

Clarendon is famous because it instantly changes the hues of a photo from plain, and bland to dazzling and colorful. Everyone loves Clarendon.

Another reason for Clarendon’s popularity is that it is by default placed next to the Normal picture option in the list of the effects. So most people might just resort to Clanderon only when they are looking for some additional effect on their picture.


Another popular filter amongst Instagrammers is Gingham. This is particularly favored in the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest side of the United States of America. It is a vintage-styled filter for photos that allows the users of Instagram to give a nostalgic look to their photos and videos which will take them to the past. This particular filter has been a real game-changer in a lot of pictures that made the world go crazy.


Juno is another popular filter that dominates the United States of America and the world in terms of popularity. This filter is famous because of its warm hues and color intensity when it comes to the brightness of the picture. It also adds an extra richness factor to the urban pictures, enriching them with authenticity.

Juno is preferred by most Instagrammers because as mentioned above it enriches the tones and also makes the oranges, red and yellow hues pop out. It injects warmth into the picture and also makes the picture fade away the subtle flair of orthodoxy.


Lark is another filter that dominates the world when it comes to popularity. It is liked by the masses because of the extra warmth that it gives to the photos along with the punch to the colors of the picture. The picture which has the Lark effect on it makes it an ideal option for a lot of different social media apps.


Another popular filter among Instagrammers across the world is Valencia. It is also known as the X-PRo II filter as it is often compared with the exceptional technique of photoshop – X-pro.

This filter is known for adding contrasts, and a dose of drama by giving the photo a unique bigness effect.

Popular filters for nature photos

Popular filters for nature photos

Nature pictures are very popular on the Instagram platform and are often downloaded for wallpapers and their aesthetic values.

Pictures which are taken on beautiful, tranquil beaches or sandy deserts or trees dripping with raindrops are breathtakingly beautiful. You can find nature at its best on Instagram – and this brings more likes for the content as well as Instagram accounts getting more followers.

Therefore, a filter that is known to provide the right kind of exposure to the picture along with the warm hues in Valencia. It is known to brighten up the picture and remove the dullness of the photo. Surprisingly, another popular filter on Instagram for nature pictures is NO filter – yes you read it right, mostly the pictures are taken in normal camera mode without any touch-up from any kind of filter.

This is popular among serious photographers who think that filters destroy the true essence of a picture and that natural beauty should be showcased as it is of nature.

Brooklyn and Amaro are the other two filters that are equally popular amongst nature enthusiasts. These filters also ensure warmth in the picture while brightening up the context of the picture.

Popular filters for fashion photos

Popular filters for fashion photos

Fashion is defined nowadays by Instagrammers. A lot of influencers on Instagram platforms are fashion related and nowadays how the influencers take pictures and portray them to their audience matters a lot. Fashion photos are like a runway show that you witness while sitting at your home comfortably scrolling down the feed.

Instagram has become one of the most prized mediums for sharing fashion updates and even big celebs and fashion houses post regularly on Instagram to influence the market and stay ahead of the cutthroat competition.

To share photos with your follower’s regarding fashion is just not enough. You need to be sure that they will be liked by the audience as well. For that, it is important to forge the right kind of filters on the picture.

Filtered pictures make the real style statement and for that, you need the right kind of filter. Kelvin is the most popular filter among fashion enthusiasts when they upload fashion photos on Instagram.

The Kelvin effect is known to give pictures a flash of real good lighting so that they don’t appear to be shabby or not flattering. Instagrammers love the radiant, retro effect that the Kelvin effect gives to the fashion pictures. It adds a certain level of warmth to the photo along with boosting saturation and adding the instant golden glow which is liked by the fashion police as well as the audience.

Other popular Instagram filters for fashion photos are Valencia and Nashville.

Valencia makes the pictures appear to be fresh thanks to the overdose of color and exposure through the antique nostalgic appearance. Nashville on the other hand is known for its pairing up of exposure and warmth that brings out the romantic retro effect. That goes perfectly well with the fashion pictures.

Popular filters for food photos

Popular filters for food photos

Want to make your food appear more enticing and appealing to the audience than you need to take a little help from the Instagram filters.

If you have a perfectly made strawberry cheesecake or a pasta that is oozing with cheese and sauce and you want to showcase your wholesome cooking to the world by sharing quick pictures then you need to dig in and find the perfect filter for you that will make the audience fell in love with your cooking instantly.

This is the exact trick that is followed by food photographers. Food magazines or different cuisine channels. They advertise the most mouthwatering pictures with the help of filters and touch-ups. This will enhance the appeal of the food and will also keep them up in the competition, a win-win situation for everyone.

The same routine is followed on Instagram, a little touchup to the pictures can make the food appear more appealing visually, enticing those taste buds.

One of the most popular Instagram filters for food pictures is Skyline. Skyline filter is known to take the photos to another level with the help of intensification of the colors- definitely ideal for food pictures, where it is the color that matters the most.

Apart from the Skyline, a lot of people enjoy taking pictures in no filter mode than is with a normal camera and do not like to add any kind of filter to it. This can also be another way of being realistic with the audience about the reality of the food i.e., in terms of color, and the appealing look of the food.

It is always advised to share a realistic picture of food in natural light with an aesthetic angle, this is better than any other filter.

Helena is another popular filter used by food photographers on Instagram as it enhances the contrast of the color of the picture as well as induces a certain temperature gradient of the picture, perfect for the food in photographs.

Popular filters for selfies

Popular filters for selfies

Who takes selfies in today’s world? The selfie has its class that cannot be compared with other kinds of pictures. The selfie has become one of the most popular ways of showcasing the world your face. There is no need to get approval from other people, if you like a certain angle in which you have clicked the picture and like the feel of it, post it on your Instagram handle – this is how simple Instagram has made life. But if you want approval from the audience then try putting up a filter on your selfie as it will bring more followers to your account.

What can be the right kind of filter for a selfie as it has to focus on only one thing – make the user appear more beautiful. A selfie filter is one that will enhance the color and boost the contrast and warmth in the picture. The perfect effects will help in making the eyes appear bigger in the picture, diminish those dark circles, and even down the skin tone to make it appear flawless

Slumber is the most popular Instagram filter among the masses who love to take selfies. This is a subtle kind of filter that gives countless options to the user to soften down the image, shift the color and contrast with striking hues, and even change the shape of the face.

Skyline is also popular in this category; it seems like it isn’t about the buildings and skyscrapers only the skyline is known to give that extra kick to the colors in your selfie – it also helps in brightening up the eyes making the lips appear more pretty.


Instagram filters rule the world of Instagram – just like Instagram rules the world of photo-sharing mediums. It is one of the most common and popular social media platforms for sharing photos and videos. Instagram filters are the key feature that attracts users to the platform. They help in brightening up the pictures along with boosting up the fun quotient of the mages.

There are a lot of filters you can choose from; we have enlisted the most popular ones so the next time you log in to Instagram you can enjoy the platform to the maximum.

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