Instagram – A Game Changer for Modern Restaurant Industry

Have you noticed how restaurants are trying to become more Instagram- worthy?

From neon trendy lights to fancy looking dishes, restaurants are creating experiences for their customers which they share on their stories tagging the location and sometimes spreading the positive word about it. These new trending ways are helping entrepreneurs to promote their food businesses unlike old times.

According to the New York Times in 2013 a diner eating at Momofuku Ko restaurant in New York was criticized for taking a picture there. The restaurant had a very strict policy of taking no pictures. We can’t even think about this policy being adhered and If we think about this policy, it sounds like ancient history to us since now restaurants run successful Instagram pages and let the customers take pictures and post about them. The more the pictures taken and uploaded by customers, the better it is for the restaurants.

Restaurants that invest in décor that is more attractive for customers to be posting it on Instagram have witnessed more return on investments. They are not just successful in attracting more customers but also such customers who purchase more per head.

It is an interestingly new way for restaurant owners to keep a check on the quality of the meals. They can look at the pictures posted by customers on Instagram and decide what is missing from the meals without being there at every table.

The insight from the latest research says that by 2020 Generation Z will be eating out more than millennials.

40% of all customers would be Generation Z and this generation never goes to a restaurant without their phones and they post a lot more on social media than any other generation before them. Have a look at this new infographic from Fundera, and understand how Instagram is impacting your customer space!

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