How to schedule posts on Facebook Business Suite, Creator Studio & Hootsuite

How to Schedule Posts on Facebook [Business Suite, Creator Studio & Hootsuite]

Running your organization’s page isn’t easy, as you must keep your page active at all times, no matter what. An active stream of posts is what keeps your audience engaged with your brand, so definitely you can’t risk it with anything.

But what if we say you can now schedule your Facebook posts ahead of time? Fortunately, Facebook allows you to schedule your social media posts and keep up with your monthly calendar without needing to post frequently. Below we will learn how to schedule posts on Facebook and what you will require for that.

Before we go into the details of how to schedule posts on Facebook, let’s first learn why it is important.

Why should we schedule posts on Facebook?

Schedule posts can help your business:

  • Stay on board
  • Post regularly
  • Bond with its audience
  • Save time
  • Boost social media engagement
  • Stay aligned with its posting strategy

Can you schedule posts on Facebook?

Facebook allows you to schedule posts for your page and groups ahead of time. However, it no more lets you do that for your personal account.

Both admins and moderators can schedule and edit posts for their page; the same goes for Facebook groups. Moreover, they can delete a scheduled post if they change their decision to roll it out.

How to schedule posts on Facebook using Desktop?

How to schedule posts on Facebook using Desktop
  1. Turn on your device
  2. Open Chrome (or any browser you like)
  3. Type Facebook on the search bar and login
  4. Once your account is logged in, click on the sidebar
  5. Scroll down and click ‘Pages’
  6. Now choose the Page for which you want to schedule posts
  7. On your Page, on the sidebar, click ‘Publishing tools.’
  8. Click ‘create post’ to make the post for future postings
  9. After adding content to the post, click ‘share now’ and select ‘schedule’.
  10. Next, you will be required to provide the date and time on which you would like to get it published.
  11. Lastly, save the changes by clicking on ‘schedule’ at the bottom of that page.

And that’s that! Facebook will now automatically launch that post on your specified date and time. No more details will be needed from your end.

Note: If you later realize you have made some changes to your scheduled post, then you can go back to the ‘publishing tools’ page we mentioned earlier and choose ‘scheduled posts’ from there.

How to schedule posts on Facebook using Mobile?

How to schedule posts on Facebook using Mobile

To schedule posts for your page through mobile, you need to first download either the Meta Business Suite or Facebook’s Creator Studio. While both have different methods, you can schedule posts through them.

1. Schedule post via Meta Business Suite

  • First, download the Meta Business Suit app for iOS or Android
  • Now open the app and tap ‘+’ at the bottom of the page to create a new post
  • Now you will be required to select the type of post to schedule
  • Add content to it and tap ‘Next’ on the top right corner
  • Now choose ‘schedule for later’ in the scheduling options
  • Next, pick a time and date and tap ‘schedule’ on the top right corner

That’s how you schedule posts on the phone using Meta Business Suite. You can review your scheduled post through the calendar.

2. Schedule post via Facebook’s Creator Studio

Creator Studio also enables you to schedule your posts on Facebook. Here’s how to do it.

  • Open Facebook Creator Studio
  • Tap the ‘new post’ icon on the top right corner of the page
  • A window will appear at the bottom of your screen. Select the type of post there.
  • Add content to the post, then tap ‘Next’ on the top right corner.
  • In publishing options, choose ‘schedule’ and pick your desired time and date on which you want to get the post published.
  • Now come back to the publishing page again and tap ‘schedule’ on the top right side.

That’s all. Your post now will get published on your selected time on your Facebook page.

3. Schedule post via Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that helps curate and publish content on social media. It simply covers all aspects of a social media manager’s role. In order to schedule posts through Hootsuite, you need to follow the steps below.

  1. First, connect your Facebook page to Hootsuite.
  2. Locate the post creation icon on the left side of the dashboard
  3. Choose ‘post’, then select the page you want to publish the post on
  4. Now add content to your post. Precisely, you will need to add text, an image, and a link.
  5. Next, you have to schedule a publication time.

You did it! Now Hootsuite will publish your post at your suggested time. Hootsuite stands out from the rest of the social media management software because it suggests to its users the best time to launch the scheduled post using past engagement data.

4. Schedule multiple posts via Hootsuite

Hootsuite offers a bulk scheduling feature that enables you to schedule as many as 350 posts in a single go. Here’s how you can do it:

  • First of all, you need to save all your page’s content as a CSV file.
  • Next, you will be required to decide each post’s date and time, caption, and URL. (Note: in bulk posts, you cannot add emoji, pictures or videos, though, you can add them afterward by editing)
  • Next, you will upload your CSV file and review all the scheduled posts.
  • There you can make any changes (if you want) and tap ‘schedule’ to finalize.

Your bulk posts have been scheduled. Now they will be posted on their individual date and time. Also, you can still edit the Planner and Content tab.

5. Tips to schedule a post

 Whether you use a third-party app or directly do it on Facebook, here are some tips that will help you schedule your posts effectively.

  1. By scheduling posts, you will have more time to curate engaging content and make last-moment changes, so make sure your posts align with your social media strategy.
  2. Carefully choose the publication date and time. Always try to pick a time when your audience is active.
  3. Be careful about the posts you have scheduled. Sometimes some previously scheduled posts don’t go along with your current strategy. If needed, tweak them as per your needs.
  4. You cannot schedule all posts. Some posts require real-time posting, for instance, check-ins, events, and photo albums. So keep some free slots in your monthly calendar.
  5. Track analytics and engagement of your previous posts and make improvements in your future posts.


That’s how you schedule your posts on Facebook using Hootsuite, Creator Studio, and Business Suite. Now start creating and scheduling your posts and track the success of your efforts.

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