How to market Graphic Design services?

You can come up with excellent marketing strategies, but if they don’t bear fruit then you cannot gain anything. Similarly, if your designs are not selling your product or achieving the objectives they have been designed for, then they are futile. But what will happen when you are planning to market graphic design services? You need to club the right marketing techniques with amazing designs to achieve this. To market graphic design services, you need to follow a strategy of show more, tell less.

Graphic design basically acts as a backbone to a business success in this competitive environment. Businesses hire graphic designers to design extraordinary marketing collaterals and creative for their businesses.

However, creating amazing graphics is not as easy as it may seem. It is why many businesses out there are looking for creative services, innovative and out of the box graphic designers, who can elevate their marketing visuals to another level.

If you are reading this and are a graphic designer yourself, then it is time you must also start marketing yourself because today’s businesses need you. Well, if you don’t know how to kick start your graphic designing career or market your graphic design services, here we have listed some important pointers that can help you to market your services.

How to market graphic design services?

If you are a graphic designer, then you probably should know your worth. If not, we suggest to market your design and attract clients to avail your services. Here are some tips which you can find useful for showing your creativity along with marketing your service.

Determine your market

It is important to know which market you belong to. Determine your target market, so you can tailor your efforts and needs accordingly. Designs for a business marketing solution are different from wedding graphic designs. Tailor your efforts as per the client’s need and your skillset.

Create your portfolio

For graphic designers, a portfolio works more than a resume. Assemble all your best designs to take along when you visit clients for the meetings. If you haven’t done anything before professionally, then create sample designs to show. Moreover, when you are creating samples, ensure you keep your targeted client in your mind. You can include, logos, brochures, business cards, and letterheads for businesses.

Online Portfolio Makes a Difference

Opportunities are limitless on the internet. Creating a website or blog would be great to demonstrate your samples and find clients locally and internationally. You can use websites such as DeviantArt. Coroflot or Wobook for your portfolio creation and buy a website hosting domain through BlueHost, Yahoo Small Business, or GoDaddy.

Build your identity

It is important to have an identity that represents you throughout your website, portfolio, or your services. Create an impressive logo and business cards to endorse your services. For an online portfolio, make sure to add a brief description of your services including web address, contact information, and social media profiles so you can be traced easily.

Locate small business

To build a professional career, everyone has to take small steps. Locate and work for local and small (rather finding big projects at the start) businesses, so they can introduce you to the market. It is possible for you to get the leads for clientele outside your area that you want to target.


You can design postcards and use them in a direct-mail campaign. Invite recipients to have your services, providing your introduction and information about your expertise. You can send these cards to local businesses and communities to contact you for the same or customized designs.

Work voluntarily

Show up your work by working voluntarily for communities or public events. Creating logos and animations, marketing videos, and brochures for them will help you as well.

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