How Important Is Content Marketing Strategy for SEO Growth?

We often hear the quote: “Content Is King”. The quote has been proven true many times by content mavens and digital marketing gurus. Content marketing is a way of engaging potential consumers with engaging content. To every successful business, there should be quality content and a winning content marketing strategy.

Content marketing for SEO growth

Content and SEO go hand in hand, search engine optimization is the optimization of the content with a strategic approach.

Let’s enlist first the essentials of a content marketing strategy.

B2B content strategy starts with spreading awareness about the business or brand and includes: SEO blogs, articles, infographics, whitepapers, videos, Press Releases, eBooks and a lot more. To entice the interest of the audience businesses design virtual tours, events, videos, and educational materials. Then the content strategy is further fortified with product guides, webinars, case studies, testimonials, trial promotions, and sales content. The whole content marketing cycle closes the loop with content that focuses on conversions. Signup forms with freebies, product demos, guides, presentations and other forms of sales-focused content.

Content Marketing empowers SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a process of bringing the website and business to the top, but content marketing is a technique that boosts the Search Engine Optimization process with powerful content. However, it is all built with a plan and the strategy part includes:

  • Keeping in view the audience that is targeted.
  • Thinking of gradually increasing traffic instead of going for a fast run.
  • Creating sales using the sales-focused content
  • Engaging consumers with interesting content and keeping them interested.
  • The importance of content marketing strategy for SEO growth

It improves the reputation of the business and develops the trust of clients: If the content is developed keeping in view your market competition, it will prove to be effective, it will drive more people towards your website and thus improves business.

SEO and content marketing brings out the best in each other: The purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content marketing is to achieve the same goal, i.e. making a business stand out from the competition, and improving the place of the website in the digital market. Content marketers prefer different techniques for SEO, it can be concluded that content marketing and Search Engine Optimization are two sides of the same page.

Content marketing improves search rankings: If a business develops a content by considering SEO perspective, such as using the right keywords, appropriate placement of the keywords, proper use of H1 and H2 headings, etc. then it optimizes the search ranking. High-quality content can boost the SEO process and makes the website visible to a large audience. Search engines are now more in demand for fresh and unique content that can rightly answer the queries of the web surfers. This is where a content strategy comes in to optimize the business website with fresh and innovative content.

  • Content marketing strategy is the base of any SEO plan
  • Search Engine Optimization requires content, content marketing fulfills those demands.
  • SEO specifies the keywords, content marketing uses those keywords.
  • SEO needs backlinks for ranking, content marketing provides those backlinks.
  • SEO is required to get traffic to a website, content marketing is a way to bring traffic to the site.

Content marketing strategy is an integral part of SEO because content marketing provides the necessary elements that make SEO. This way content marketing is very important for SEO growth.

Without content, SEO is only technical. It would optimize only the technical elements of a business website. For instance, technical SEO is mostly focused on improving the website load time, making the content readable to search engines, minimizing the code for optimum results, the right use of images and responsiveness of the website. However, a content marketing strategy includes other aspects of SEO growth. Content marketing strategy is focused on strategically offering the right content to targeted users through the best channels. In other words, content marketing strategy is focused on the front end of the user experience. It is focused on how a user interacts with a brand and what makes them interested in a product or service.

A well-formulated content marketing strategy is very important for SEO growth. Businesses and websites can not solely flourish on technical SEO. Content is the bread and butter that makes the products appealing and sellable. When businesses target SEO growth, they are required to create content that is engaging, interesting and optimized to meet the requirements of the users and search engines.   

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