How can you improve brand recognition with the help of link-building consultants?

Link-building consultants can help you make money.

But there are companies that have already tried building an in-house link building team and ended-up overspending your entire SEO marketing budget without any results.

There are also companies that have engaged link-building consultants but to no avail.

So why are we saying that link-building consultants can help you make money and get your brand the recognition it needs? Well, considering the expertise reliable link-building consultants bring to the table, we do stand by our words.

What are the benefits of hiring link-building consultants?

To understand why link-building consultants should be your top priority when devising a robust SEO strategy, you need to understand their responsibilities. But before you decide to go through the responsibilities of a link-building specialist or consultant, we must tell you the reason why it is vital for your business to engage one.

The list of link building is a big one, but let us put it in a nutshell:

  • When your website has good quality backlinks, it will rank higher.
  • And when it ranks higher in search results, this will mean:
    • Increase in brand awareness
    • Better brand recognition
    • More traffic coming to your website
    • Generating more revenue and profits.

What is a link-building specialist or consultant and what do they do?

Link building consultants are the experts in getting quality backlinks for your site. But they can’t just get your backlinks out of nowhere. They have to follow certain strategies and tactics to ensure that you get quality backlinks.

They understand the audience as well as brand, conduct a thorough SEO audit of the site, analyze the competition, develop buyer personas, and then identify ways to get backlinks by either creating amazing content or repurposing the information available on your site.

It is vital to understand that link-building consultants can’t work alone and they need to be well-aware of the on-site SEO strategy you are following in order to drive the results you expect them to be.

All marketing functions should work like a well-oiled machine to achieve the marketing objectives for the firm.

What are the link-building techniques you should be following?

Asking your link-building consultant to present you with a strategy tailored for your brand is a must.

Anyone can tell you that they are going to build links for you and get your sites.


Link building is not about getting millions of backlinks for your site. It used to be about quantity previously but now the focus has been shifted more towards quality.

No one can give you a link-building strategy overnight, because it’s a gradual process. And the strategy remains a working document that link-building consultants keep on updating based on the results they are generating.

If you are given a link-building strategy by your consultant, here are a few techniques that you should be looking at in the document. If any of the following techniques is not there, then you need to ask questions about why these techniques have been left out.

  1. Strategic guest posting
  2. Develop and share infographics
  3. Be more social
  4. Create comprehensive resource list
  5. Utilize the broken link strategy
  6. Create your personal brand and let it grow
  7. Analyze the backlinks of competitors
  8. Mimic the backlinks of competitors
  9. Develop link building roundups
  10. Continue tracking your backlinks
  11. Focus on building content pillars
  12. Using social mentions, reclaim your links
  13. Get editorial links

Do your due diligence before hiring link-building consultants?

Your link-building strategy will only yield results if it is properly crafted as per your brand. Leaving any loophole or incomplete strategy would make you lose more money than you can make. There are certain points even in the link-building techniques mentioned above that your link-building consultant may not be comfortable opting for.

For instance, they may reiterate the common phrase the guest posting/blogging is dead. But this is not the case. One must know how to utilize guest blogging in their favor in order to get quality backlinks. So it is imperative that you perform due diligence and only hire the best link-building consultant that ticks all the right boxes.

Some might even argue that being active on social media is an obsolete technique, but consider it this way. You get a quality backlink to your website from an authority website and your customer decides to check the credibility of your brand through socials. Where will they look first? They will surely go to the social platform of their own choosing to ask people around. When a question related to your brand, product/service pops up, be ready to answer that.

Your customer might even decide to run a search of their own on socials and if you are active there, you might be able to earn the trust of that customer who will end up making a purchase.

Bottom Line

There are several things you need to consider before hiring a link-building consultant. But you can bypass the process by moving forward with the company you can trust.

Remember, the process starts from the start. If the link building consultants are offering you the right techniques after doing their preliminary research and providing you a comprehensive audit including technical audit, competitive audit, content audit, link audit, and social audit, then know that you are making the right choice.

Proceed has proven its mettle as a link-building consultant and helped several brands increase their revenue significantly through its efforts. We believe in delivering results beyond expectations by providing comprehensive digital marketing solutions be it SEO, link building, social media management, creative visualization, or content. To get a free SEO audit of your website, contact today!

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