Choosing a Web Hosting Company? You Must Consider These Factors

Choosing the right web hosting site is extremely important for running a successful website no matter it is for business or for your personal blog. It raises the question that which factor is the most important when choosing a website host? You can analyze it by taking a look at the factors that are important to look at before choosing your web hosting site. Let us see which factor is the most important when choosing a website host?

Factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company are stated below:

Uptime Scores

It is necessary for looking at the uptime scores before choosing your website hosting service. Website speed determines the traffic and customer base of your website. If your website takes way too long in loading and processing if will lose potential customers or visitors.  A web hosting site with a 99.5% uptime score ensures the success of your website. Choosing a web hosting with weak servers can bring down ratings of your website due to more loading time. Avoid web hosting sites with less than 99% uptime scores.


The data utilized while uploading or downloading a specific web page of the website as requested by the user is named as bandwidth. Website hosting providers offer you a sharing package for unlimited bandwidth. Unlimited bandwidth packages cost you extra cash due to greater utilization of bandwidth. In some cases, you end up terminating your account due to the utilization of more bandwidth.

Add-on Domain

With the add-on domain option, you can add multiple domains under one web hosting account. If you are using launching your website for the first time, look for a web hosting companies that allow you more than one domain under a single package. In case you already signed up for only one domain before you always have the option to upgrade your website with multiple domains.

Signup and Renewal Cost

Keeping in view the cost of sign up and renewal before finalizing your hosting site is crucial. Compare the prices for different web hosting companies along with their features. Ask for any hidden charges and go for the company offering low sign up and renewal cost with the best. People go for shared hosting to save cash but end up paying more during renewal. There is no way to save money during renewals. But you can go for the cheapest by comparing different web hosting companies.

Customer Services

One of the most important factors before considering a web host is the customer service they provide. No one wants to sign up for a website host that doesn’t entertain their requests and answer their queries timely. Look for the webserver that serves its customers the best and solves their issues at the earliest. Choose the company with the highest ratings from their customers.

Refund Policy

Web hosting servers, to market their service and to ease their clients, offer a trial period. During this trial, you can check if that hosting is suitable for your website or can look for glitches that might occur during that trial. If it goes successful you can continue with the server or in case the service is unsatisfactory you can unsubscribe and get a refund before the trial period ends. Look for the web hosting site that offers a comparatively longer trial period and a suitable refund policy.

WordPress Specific Services

If you aim to host your website on WordPress, you require a web hosting service offering a shared Linus Hosting server with PHP. You don’t necessarily need website hosting specifically for the WordPress website unless you want to avail of some specific services.

Ecommerce Options

If you plan to launch an e-commerce website, you need to consider a web hosting service equipped with all the features required by your e-commerce site for its proper functionality. Providing a smooth and safe channel for payment processing is extremely important while choosing a web hosting for your e-commerce site. You need a web hosting site that allows you to add SSL for safe payments.

Site Backup

In today’s world of cybercrime, website security is at the highest risk. There are no specific domains these extortionists target at. They distort the index.php file of your website that is an irreparable loss. Not only this, there can be other unforeseen circumstances such as failure of local or server’s hard disk. To save your site from the damages caused by these circumstances, it is advisable to consider a website that secures your website content through systematic data backup

Plugins Freedom

WordPress allows you to add plugins that increase the functionality of your website, but some web hosting sites ban the use of plugins and don’t allow you to add them. There are some servers that cause trouble with the servers of your website servers. Look for the plugins useful for the functionality of your website if those are blocked by your web hosting provider you need to reconsider.

Understanding Terms and Conditions

There are some limitations every hosting site puts on their clients. There are certain terms and conditions that you need to abide by in order to continue availing of their services. In some cases, web hosting sites charge extra amount or withhold your account services without refund. Beware of such companies that take hold of the decision of account limitation and suspension.

Control Panel

It is important to check if your web hosting server offers an easy to use control panel with a graphical user interface. It helps you manage your website properly even if you are a newbie. It should assist in manipulating, accessibility and managing files and other tasks.

FTP and SFTP Support You need to check if your hosting site provides FTS and SFTS support for getting data from the server. If you need to upload or download data from the server, FTS and SFTS support eases the process. You can also use the inbuilt system of uploading and downloading offered by some servers if you aim to work on scripts smaller in size. You need to check how any FTS accounts you can get by signing up to the web hosting you are choosing

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