Changing Dynamics of Paid Ads in 2020

What a whirlwind 2019 has been! The drastic changes in paid search experience have transformed the way marketers plan their strategies. From Google ads to YouTube leads paid ads have been a relevant source of customer acquisition for brands!

What does the future of paid search hold?

That’s a question every marketer needs to ask before deriving a marketing strategy. Every brand has been focusing on paid ads as an important source to get relevant traffic on the website along with lead generation. Whether you are running a small startup or a multinational company, paid search will drive instant & immediate results from search engines & generate qualified leads. By involving the experts & implementing the updates, paid ads can be optimized without misusing or wasting the advertising budget.

Have you started focusing on your paid advertising yet?

Here’s why you should;

10 Paid Search & PPC Best Practices for 2020

Are you ready to rock 2020 with the best PPC ads? Some advertisers can get in the past year and forget to update their new paid campaigns with the results from the previous one! However, there are opportunities to revisit the paid search practices of the past & implement them in new campaigns to improve the performance & utilize the budget at its best! One of the best practices before running a PPC campaign can be testing new platforms and new updates in the market combined with the insights from past year campaigns!

The consumer decision journey will drive paid search in 2020

Contributor and SMX speaker, Christi Olson explains how consumer decision journey will drive the paid search for businesses in 2020! In this modern era, the personalization with the audience matters a lot, it gives you the ability to adjust how you are going to reach the customer & eventually the result of whole customer decision journey!

Twitter Officially Launches Its ‘Promoted Trend Spotlight’ Ad Option

Twitter launches promoted trend spotlight ad option in its explore tab which will enable brands to place themselves in the explore tab which is a prime placement for any ad. it should be noted that it is expensive i.e. $250k per day up but your ad will be the most-shown ad on twitter, Isn’t that an attention-grabbing way to boost your branding efforts?

Understanding BERT’s Implications on Paid Search

By now, everyone knows about Google’s new update called BERT but it has not only impacted the SEO but also the paid search! With the advancement of BERT, Google paid ads will now focus on the user-intent more than ever! Paid search has to convince google that the ads are relevant enough to appear alongside organic results!

Do You Really Want a 100% Google Ads Optimization Score?

From the lessons of last year, we learned that google optimization score is the best way to assess the performance of google ads but in 2020, do you really want a good optimization score? I wouldn’t! 100% score shouldn’t be the goal because there are very specific missing elements which manipulate the score & exhaust the advertising budget. While Google assesses your ad, keep in mind that the score should vary from business to business & should be measured accordingly.

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