What Are The Best Payment Gateways For International Transactions And Their Unique Features?

Working online as a freelancer or blogger is the fastest growing trend in today’s world. Freelancers and bloggers from around the world are connected with each other, establishing work relationships through different online platforms. Delivering work through email networks is quite simple but when it comes to getting payments while sitting at a place thousands of miles away from where your local bank account isn’t operating is a tough task.

What is the payment gateway?

Before proceeding to the best services, it is important to understand the term “payment gateway” first. It is a payment medium through which processes our payments for online retailers. It serves as a gateway between the portal of our payment and the front-end processing unit. It can be used for sending and receiving payments online across different countries and for the conversion of payments. Banks and financial services serve as a payment gateway for people providing and getting services online.

Finding payment processors

Choosing a payment processor is a hard nut to crack. Before trusting any service for your huge transactions, make sure you choose the right one. One of the best ways of finding the best payment gateways is by reviewing websites. Look for the best payment processors online and compare them. Sift through many websites and find the common ones. Then shortlist those common ones and look for their customer reviews and ratings. Through a little bit of research, you will be able to choose the best out of hundreds.

The best payment gateway for international transactions:

Following are some best payment gateways for international transactions:


Payoneer is considered as the best payment gateway for small business you own. It offers the best services for freelancers and small businesses to participate in a free-market economy. Payoneer serves as the largest platform for the processing of online payments from around the world. It offers swift, safe, and cheap payment processing.

Unique features:

  • It is considered a credible payment gateway by the largest online platforms that deal with payment processing throughout the world.
  • It is widely used by companies across the world to pay their employees working remotely for them. It has become a global financial service that offers its services by supporting them with up to 35 languages. Its customer support service is considered the best that resolves the issues of its clients shortly in the customer’s preferred language.
  • One of the reasons for Payoneer being the best payment gateway for small businesses is that its transactions are done like your local bank account. They also allow taking out money through ATMs. It offers its services for less cost that help you generate more profit to grow your small business or boost your freelancing. It covers 200 countries and accepts about 150 currencies from around the world.
  • Payoneer is globally recognized as the best payment processor and has been awarded numerous awards since 2010. These recognitions increase the reliability of this widely used payment platform.

PayPal payments Pro

PayPal Payment Pro is the ultimate financial solution for streamlining your online transactions. It is the most widely used payment gateway throughout the world.

Unique Features:

  • You don’t necessarily need a PayPal account to process payments through PayPal Payments Pro. It allows transactions through debit or credit card without PayPal account.
  • It offers customized checkout for its users. They can modify checkout according to their requirements. It allows the integration of the layout and colors of your choice according to your company’s demands.
  • It offers swift payment processing to your PayPal account or credit card.
  • PayPal Payments Pro is seamlessly integrated with the largest e-commerce platforms. It links instantly with shopping carts of widely used e-commerce stores.


Authorize.Net is a flexible payment gateway highly demanded by retail and service platforms. It was established to assist full-time workers to organize data and manage orders without having to worry about payment fraud.

Unique features:

  • Authorize.Net is considered as the most effective service for small and medium scale businesses. It is easy to use and saves time and money for users.
  • You can set up a Virtual Point of Sales through Authorize.Net in your retail setting.
  • Authorize.Net also offers manual payments through virtual terminal and transactions through a mobile app.
  • Its Virtual terminal helps in processing payments directly from bank accounts by using its integrated electronic check payment process.
  • It employs the Customer Integration Manager which helps in securing the important payment history and information using secure servers of Authorize.Net.


Out of all online payment platforms for processing international transactions, Stripe is considered as the best payment gateways for international transactions. It has partnered with the world’s top networks, banks, W3C, internet browsing services and other services.

Unique Features:

  • It provides you with the opportunity of customizing your checkout process according to the needs of your company. It offers easy to use UI toolkit, front end, design, and analytics to give you the chance of customizing checkout according to the theme of your website.
  • Stripe offers multiple options for payment processing. It offers a wide range of payment services around the globe.
  • Its authentication process ensures the safe processing of payments and avoids any risks related to frauds related to your payments. It optimizes your revenue by directly connecting to your card networks and avoiding unnecessary channels that charge more.
  • API and Dashboard services of Stripe provide information about its services, charges, refund policy, fees, and other useful information instantly. It offers proper financial, consolidated and automated accounting support and reporting which improves its transaction procedure.

Besides the top payment gateways mentioned above, there are many other payment processors successfully processing payments across the world. These widely recognized and trusted gateways include TransferWise, 2Checkout, Amazon Payments, CoinGate bitcoin payment processor, Braintree, WePay, BlueSnap, Skrill, etc.

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