All about SEO in 2020

What’s the secret to winning at SEO in 2020?

Sadly, there isn’t any! SEO and digital marketing are exciting fields, precisely because they are constantly changing and the back is to stay up-to-date with the Google trends & involving them in the practices. As you strive to find a balance between upholding consumer trends and maintaining relevance with search engine updates, Let’s dive in to see what are the major updates of SEO in 2020!

Google Algorithm Update 2020: Featured Snippet Update

Every year Google rolls out many algorithm updates, however, this time Google updates its algorithm to make the SERP experience easier for the users. With this new feature update, search results will be less cluttered as this update restricts any such URL that appears in the featured snippet to be shown again within the top ten organic searches. 

 2020 Google Core Update

 This is a broad core update rolled out worldwide. The significance of this update is closely related to the impact it has on websites. The update shows a very prominent result because its SERP fluctuations are significant. This update is massive and is observed in all the categories mostly without targeting any specific niche. 

5 Major SEO Trends for 2020 & beyond

 Since we have entered 2020 with a full swing & all of us know about the basic practices to follow for the growth of SEO but there are some major trends in 2020 that every marketer must follow such as the first major trend observed in 2020 is “zero-click” searches. This feature helps you optimize for such keywords that are essential in bringing the actual clicks and such pages with keywords are called “core” pages. This helps in recognizing the keywords that bring money and traffic. 

Google makes it easy to revisit similar pages from your search history

 This update helps you go back to a page that you have not saved manually. This new feature automatically groups together the pages with similar content like cooking, shopping, and hobbies then show it in a collection. This collection feature is generated automatically and could be saved forever. we could access it from anywhere plus there are additional features that can be discovered by clicking on the “Find More” button. 

Google: Reciprocal Links Aren’t Necessarily Bad but…

20 years ago, reciprocal links appeared on sites very differently. The most natural and proper way to form a reciprocal link is by developing linkages through genuine outreach, and by forming a link without expecting anything in return. When there is an agreement between two companies that they will trade links to improve SEO, and site authority by saying “You link to me, I link to you” As a result, a reciprocal link is formed. Above all though link building there is a better customer experience on the website and if you link to quality sites relevant to the content intensify the visitor’s experience on your site.  

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