6 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Why do you need to bring traffic to your website? It plays the role of an indicator of your website, which leads your business to grow. Website traffic helps you to:

● Improve your credibility over search engines

● Generate leads, get more customers, and increase conversions

● Shows how your marketing strategies are working

● Gather information about the audience and helps you to make decisions based on insights. 

Several tools will help you to drive traffic to your website. 

Quality Traffic Vs Free Traffic

Using the required online tools and strategizing your way to drive traffic is not enough. You must also post engaging content with a call to action to attract your audience. Your goal should be building a quality audience that would turn into potential customers in the long run. You can do this by providing relevant and accessible content.

Strategies That Bring Traffic to Websites

You need to have multiple strategies if you wish to generate high-quality traffic on your website. We have listed down a few strategies that you can apply along with your own. 

Various strategies are as follows:

● Off-page SEO

● On-page SEO

● Online ads

● Email

● Blogging

● Social Media

● Online directory listings etc. 

Further, in the article, you will get to know free and effective ways to increase your website engagements.

Free Ways to Get Traffic from Google

On-Page SEO

Several SEO strategies can help your website pages to rank on search engines and get visitors to your website. It requires creative ideas like easy to navigate landing pages, producing high quality and engaging content, and writing proper and concise Meta descriptions. These Meta descriptions usually appear at the bottom of your website’s URL when a user searches for the related results. On-page SEO strategies are free but take time to work efficiently. 

Listing in Online Directories

One of the ways to increase visitors to your website is to link your website to free online directories like Yellow pages, Yelp, Yellow Book, etc. You have to make your profile on those online directories and link your website there. Online directories like Yellow pages have a powerful domain authority on search engines. It is a chance for your free brand/business profile to rank for the relevant searches. 

Building Backlinks 

Backlinks work well to get traffic when your website is linked to another website. Backlinks from influencers or businesses not only generate traffic but open opportunities for you to endorse your business to the majority of your target audience. Moreover, Google crawlers also pick backlinks to increase trust for a website if they see other trusted and leading websites pointing to yours. An increase in trust from Google means more traffic and more engagements that lead to a higher ranking in search results. 

Social Media Posts

By using free social media marketing tools, you can drive visitors of a particular age group and from the location as well. Social media is an ideal and free source to generate traffic to your website. You can use LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share your blogs, articles, and important announcements on your profile pages linking to your website. By linking your website to your social media posts your social media followers will become your website traffic.

Hashtags, Not Price Tags

Hashtags are also a free tool, and people use them frequently in their posts. By adding hashtags, you can get traffic beyond your profile and website. Make your product discoverable by adding relevant hashtags to your posts and attract those who are searching for related services.

Targeted Keywords 

Short tail keywords search is frequent. This is why it is difficult to rank on the list of short-tailed keywords. Instead, putting long-tail keywords gives you a chance to rank better (often on the first page) for the searches related to your products.

People often use the voice search feature to search by saying specific phrases. Thus, long-tail keywords will help you more when people use the speech-to-text feature.


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