25 years Recap of Digital Advertising – Infographic

Advertising has always found a way to evolve during the past few decades. In a period of 25 years, advertising has come a long way from the era of billboards and flyers to this digital age of YouTube marketing. 

After the advent of Banner ads by HotWired magazine in 1994, new and unique types of advertising mediums have been popping out time by time. The competition is high, there are more and more platforms to advertise than ever before but at the same time, consumers are being shown an endless number of advertisements that it takes something really special to grab their attention. This struggle has led companies like Adobe to develop concepts like Customer Experience Management & Personalized Advertising.

It is important for brands to realize that no app, device or platform should be ignored in this time when traditional advertising is continually being ignored. 

Advertisers need to change and adapt. 

Here are some of the innovative & interesting developments in digital media over the past 25 years described by the team of Grazitti Interactive in the form of an infographic.

Let’s have a look.

25 Fascinating Years of Digital Advertising

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